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Dog's Day Out in New York City

Forget whimpering, we’ve uncovered the top dog-friendly restaurants, bars, parks, and even beaches throughout New York City. Trust us, it won’t be rough to fall in love with these must-stops!
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Bailey’s Corner Pub

Cheap brews and dog lovers ready to mingle? Sign us up! Right on the Upper East Side, Bailey’s Corner Pub is certain to be your favorite, especially when you’re looking to meet fellow doggie owners over $4 vodka tonics. Expect plenty of hounds and their owners kicking back and enjoying feel-good beats pumping out of the jukebox. One patron explained to us that she doesn’t just visit Bailey’s Corner Pub to meet up with friends or even to blow off steam over a game of darts. Her dachshund also gets rewarded with treats!


Whether it’s smooth espresso you crave to perk up during drab mornings or freshly churned ice cream to satisfy your sweet tooth, Bittersweet is that neighborhood café you and your beloved pet will call your own.  Brooklyn’s Bittersweet, located across the street from picturesque Fort Greene Park, will easily jumpstart you day with steaming apple cider, flaky almond pastries, creamy soy lattes, and free Wi-Fi. If that’s not enough to start the novel you’ve been meaning to work on, then meaty Scootersnacks for your pooch will certainly get you off the couch and ready to begin your day.

Barking Dog Lunchonette

There’s nothing like a Sunday afternoon in Manhattan savoring poached eggs, blueberry pancakes soaked in maple syrup, and bubbly mimosas. This canine-themed bar is more famous for its delightful dishes, but woman’s best friend doesn’t have to stay home and miss out on the fun. Barking Dog Lunchonette highlights an outdoor patio where your four-legged friend can lay back and stretch out their paws. Barking Dog Lunchonette has several locations in Manhattan, including East 34th Street, 3rd Avenue, and York Avenue, all serving traditional American cuisine.

Fetch Bar & Grill

Don’t walk, run to this canine-themed restaurant, known as “the perfect place to find your new best friend while being treated like one of ours.” Fetch Bar & Grill is the irresistible eatery mama warned you about because their mouthwatering meals are nearly as good as hers. Dishes like baked macaroni and cheese, sizzling chicken parmesan with grandma’s tomato gravy, and spicy buffalo chicken fingers will instantly have you and your dog drooling. Don’t worry about feeling guilty over indulging on Fetch’s home-style dinners. The Manhattan restaurant has teamed up with Animal Haven, a no-kill animal shelter that promotes removing strays from the streets. Don’t forget to check their adoption wall to find your new best friend. No wonder dogs love lounging outside with their masters!


There’s a reason why Williamsburg hipsters can’t get enough of Luckydog and we have a feeling that it’s not just because of their hefty tap menu. Luckydog is a laid-back dive where both canines and humans are welcomed with open arms. And if you think this is just an It-place for punk rockers and their Spikes, guess again. “Honky Tonk Sundays” highlight country music all day long with free bagels and $5 Lonestar Longnecks. Stay until the stars come out for live acoustic music by the borough’s own rock stars. And ladies, we’ve heard from fellow patrons that many have picked up a guy or two just by having their best friend tag along.