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Exercise in New York City, NY

Need a break from couch surfing? Put that body to work and find out how you can exercise like a pro in New York City.
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Aerospace NYC

Aerospace High Performance Fitness Center, simply known as Aerospace NYC, was created by former champion boxer and international fitness expert Michael Olajide, Jr., along with ballet dancer and spa innovator Leila Fazel. This West Village gem combines the best workout techniques from professional sports, leaving the typical fitness machines behind in favor of using your own inner power. The unique AERO workouts will give your body, mind, and spirit the boost you need to enhance your workout regimen.

Christina’s Belly Dance Classes

Have you ever wondered why Shakira's hips don't lie? The answer is simple. The Colombian pop star is a fan of this sexy Middle Eastern dance. New Yorkers can now get in on the action by taking Christina's beloved belly dance classes, which are held inside Tree of Life Yoga & Wellness Center in Queens. Courses here are 90 minutes with the first 30 dedicated to intense abdominal routines. Check out Christina's official page for special workshops and classes schedules.

Cindy Lai Fitness Boot Camp

Can boot camp actually be fun? Of course, especially when personal trainer Cindy Lai is around. Her specialize boot camp, held at Manhattan's Central Park, meets 2-3 nights a week and offers an array of activities. Lai is known for motivating her students throughout the entire session, a major plus for newcomers. In addition, Lai goes the extra mile to stay in touch after sessions with helpful text messages on nutrition, stretching, and more exercise routines that can be done at home. It's like having a personal trainer guide you all week!

Clay Health Club

Clay Health Club, simply known as Clay among faithful members, is one of the best kept workout secrets in NYC. While this West Village hot spot is pricier than other local gyms, it's worth the investment. Clay focuses on poviding New Yorkers a peaceful, zen-like oasis where they can exercise in private, participate in intensive workout courses, or simply get pampered after breaking a sweat. Guests can score a complimentary pass and experience the benefits of Clay for free!

David Barton Gym

"I'd kill to look better naked"  is the moto of this edgy, nightclub-inspired gym and they're not kidding. Models are known for perfecting their figures at David Barton, a downtown Manhattan gym favored by socialites. Sure the classes are tough, but the live DJ can make anyone move with ease in no time. Check out some of David Barton's signature classes, like "Ass, Arms and Abs," "Endurance Cycle," "Melt, Pain and Pleasure," as well as "Six Pack Attack" to truly feel the burn.