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Local Getaways/Day Trips in New York City, NY

A few reasons you need a break from the concrete and bustle of the city... fun in the sun on a beach, hot air balloon ride over the lakes, and the freshest food you'll ever taste.
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Fernwood Resort

The Poconos in a day? Yes, Poconos, PA is a day trip from NYC. It’s time to abandon the concrete and city streets and take flight. Fernwood Resort is ready to lift your spirits with a hot air balloon ride, skydiving adventure, or scenic plane ride through the clouds. Soar through the clouds inside the secure plane peaking at all the local lakes and mountains or try a hot air balloon ride. If you want to feel the speed of the wind and take flight to a new level jump FROM the plane and skydive with an certified and experienced jump-master. Do you prefer to keep your head out of the clouds and feet on the ground? Fernwood has activities for you too! Take to the green and test your stroke on the villa-lined manicured fairways. The golf course is fun for beginners but is challenging for the experienced golfer. 

Atlantic City

Only 2 hours from NYC, Atlantic City has everything Las Vegas offers: the lights, the shows, and casinos. However, Atlantic City has something Vegas doesn’t: FREE BEACHES with sun, surf, and sand! Slather on sunscreen, grab a chair and let the ocean waves wash away your city stress. Try kayaking or surfing if you need a little exercise or forward movement to work up an appetite and get the blood moving for an evening of money-making in the casinos. Each of the 12 casino offer gaming unique to its themed name. Make a day of it and save money by hoping the train to Atlantic City so you can kick your feet up in and out of town in style.

Stone Barns Center

Is urban living making you want to flee to the hills for fresh air and fresh food? Do you need a change from the signature bagels and sandwiches from the local cafe? Stone Barn Farm Center for Food and Agriculture offers more than a real, state-of-the-art farmer’s market with fresh vegetables, fruits, meats and fresh air. Stone Barn Farm Center is creating sustainable and healthy food for generations to come. Stone Barns has 80 acres of farm fresh meats, vegetables, baked goods and cooking classes on-site. Whether you are cooking for one or cooking for a family of four, come learn to cook, eat, and be healthy. 

Appalachian Trail

2,178 miles of trails from Georgia to Maine passing through some of the most pristine national forests in the country is a short rail ride out of the city. The Appalachian Trail is rich in history and is the mecca for hiking gurus from across the world. Every year thousands of hopeful wonderers set off on a journey across 14 states attempting to gain the title of white-blazing thru-hiker. For us city dwellers, we can plan a day-hike and be back by sunset. Grab your walking stick and runners and hop the Harlem line to the Appalachian Trail for a 66 mile ride to your trekking destination. 

Belmont Park

Belmont Park is horse racing. Even if you don’t know the races of the Triple Crown (The Belmont, The Kentucky Derby, and the Preakness) or even know what someone means if they say "the horse's silk", Belmont Park is a must-see, must-experience, day trip from NYC. Belmont has a casual atmosphere with a rich horse racing tradition. Meet up with some girl friends for an afternoon of drinks, bets, and fun. You don’t need to be an expert at horse racing to enjoy a day at the track. Locals are eager to lend free advice on their picks or teach you about the breed of horse.