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Boutique Hotels in New York, NY

Forget those standard chains and instead, only demand the best. We’ve uncovered the best boutique hotels in New York City that will have you reserving a room for tonight.
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Union Hotel

We’ll admit, not everyone thinks of Manhattan as the ultimate city destination. With Brooklyn being a hot spot among indie artists, musicians, and writers, we can understand why many would prefer checking out the BK instead. Therefore, if you’re looking for your second home in Brooklyn, we recommended the Union Hotel, which happens to be located right outside of Manhattan. Built with 19th century brick and mortar, the Union pays tributes to the factories and warehouses that transformed this former landscape into a great metropolis. Yet, this modern boutique hotel channels the spirit of New York City today with plenty of style. The ruby red Union features a breathtaking rooftop garden and lounge overlooking spectacular views of Manhattan, guestrooms hand painted by some of the city’s most popular graffiti artists, and plenty of electronics, as well as exotic coffee, to keep you wired and on the good.

Washington Square Hotel

Where can you experience Paris during the ‘30s without hopping on a plane or a time machine? Consider heading to historic Washington Square Park to relax at one of Greenwich Village’s beloved hotels. Washington Square Hotel is a preferred spot for artists, tourists, and locals seeking to escape the bustling city. Enter pass the wonderland of art and enjoy the finest of Washington Square Hotel, including executive king size-beds, non-smoking rooms with views of Washington Square Park, relaxing massages, spacious fitness rooms with a personal trainer, and a bar made fitting for a cocktail date with Ernest Hemingway. Not only has Washington Square Hotel been around for over 100 years, but it was also a hangout for Bob Dylan, Barbra Streisand, and yes, even Hemingway.

The Chatwal New York

If you’re looking to spend the night at a hotel with a rich history, consider making midtown Manhattan’s The Chatwal New York your destination. Originally opened in 1905 as the clubhouse for America’s first professional theatre organization, The Chatwal New York is one of the city’s first luxury hotels. Today, the grand, ivory building offers more than chilled champagne, handmade chocolates, and cozy beds. Ladies can also take advantage of The Chatwal New York’s spa treatments, including a “Recovery Massage” to rid of daily stress, a personalized shopping consultation, and facials. Our favorite is the “Cocoa Pomegranate Body Souffle,” a tantalizing treatment that features having a layer of whipped cocoa extracts gently applied to your body. Not only will you smell yummy, but you’ll also feel refreshed enough to take on the city. 

Crosby Street Hotel

Every New Yorker knows that Manhattan’s trendy SoHo neighborhood is the place to savor Italian coffee with statuesque supermodels, shop for fine couture, and dine at picturesque restaurants. For those who want a luxurious experience in New York City, Crosby Street Hotel is undoubtedly a preferred choice. This European-style hotel is located right in the heart of Prince and Spring, SoHo’s most popular streets. Unlike other places, Crosby Street Hotel is petite in size, boasting 86 bedrooms. Art lovers particularly enjoy relaxing here, all thanks to Crosby Street Hotel's exquisite art collection. Then again, it could also be their lush garden or spacious drawing room that keeps them coming back for more inspiration.

Bowery Hotel

The Bowery is famous for being a creative haven for artists, poets, and even rock stars, but it’s also a refuge for guests seeking some glamour in their lives. The charming Bowery Hotel is a warm and welcoming spot adorned with handpicked antique furnishings, a cozy fireplace, a breathtaking outdoor patio, and even Turkish rugs to make one feel like royalty. Their massive King and Queen-sized beds are the stuff of legends and even their sheets are custom made. If marble bathrooms and complimentary C.O. Bigelow toiletries don’t impress you, then their majestic floor-to-ceiling windows revealing the best of the famous neighborhood will. Even movie buffs will get a thrill out of exploring their extensive DVD library!