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Coffee Shops in New York, NY

Whether you’re thirsty for traditional coffee, prefer a creamy cappuccino, or crave for luscious latte, we have your picks for the best coffee shops in NYC. Get your fix now.
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Some social drinkers prefer their coffee ice cold over piping hot, which is A-OK by us, especially if you visit RBC NYC in downtown Manhattan, one of the top places to savor killer iced latte. Aside from the fact that RBC NYC is bright and spacious with comfy shares and wooden communal tables to mingle, its menu is simple and to the point-just like any picky New Yorker prefers it. For their thick iced coffees, the baristas use the finest dark coffee that has a faint taste of dark chocolate, along with nearly frozen whole milk and simple syrup for a touch of sweetness. If you need to catch up on work, order the Vietnamese iced coffee with silky condensed milk.


The Bluebell Café

There’s a reason why anyone passing by this beloved Gramercy café in Manhattan will notice families entering throughout the day. The Bluebell Café, which prides itself in being “homey,” is the ideal place where the waitress remembers your name and “the usual.” Their Irving Farm coffee is nutty, dark, and rich with a hint of spice to awaken every single taste bud. The selection may be too simple for some, but it’s a perfect pairing for The Bluebell Café’s hearty breakfast dishes, such as scrambled country eggs, fluffy French toast, and pancakes bursting with chocolate chips or bananas.


Abraco Espresso

Good luck trying to squeeze into this East Village café. And yes, you may even be tempted to walk down a few blocks just for the nearest Starbucks. However, if you make that mistake, you’ll be missing out on some of the best drip coffee the five boroughs have to offer. The baristas hand pour tantalizing, soul awakening elixirs with whimsical works of art made with syrup and cream. Enjoy a café cortado to savor fine espresso without the bitterness with a sticky brioche cinnamon bun. Make friends with the baristas because you’ll be coming back often!


Beans and Vines

Inwood may be too far up north in Manhattan for New Yorkers, but the express subway ride is worth it, especially if your destination happens to be a cozy little nook that’s dedicated to coffee and wine. Beans and Vines is literally a hole in the wall, but this exposed brick space offers many treats for those seeking mouthwatering grub to accompany their cup. Beans and Vines specialize in homemade style lattes and ice cold mocha mixes. Of course, if you’re seeking something a little more potent, consider their generous menu of wines from Chile, Tuscany, and Argentina.

Café Madeline

We get it, there seems to be an Italian coffee shop on nearly every corner of Manhattan. However, what if you want to take a walk on the Parisian side? Simple: head to Brooklyn. The French-inspired Café Madeline is a rustic, enchanting getaway for nearby writers seeking refuge to pen down their next novel. Featuring low chandeliers, displays of freshly baked bread, and ebony round tables, Café Madeline is downright adorable. Get an Australian iced coffee, which includes chilled espresso over scoops of vanilla ice cream and milk, foamy flat white, or a more traditional mocha latte.