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Want to learn how to box, striptease, or cycle like a Tour de France pro? Whether you're looking to boost an exhilarating new fitness regimen or you just need an excuse to get up on your feet and bust a move, we've uncovered the top gym/group classes in New York City. After taking one of these courses, your body will be doing the talking all over town!
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Ever dreamed of having the body of a Rockette? Now’s your chance! Identical twins and former dancing darlings Kimberly and Katherine Corp have developed a new workout routine incorporating the fat burning properties of cardio and Pilates. Not only do you get to bounce on a trampoline, but you’ll also meet other fun-loving gals ready to encourage each other, all while putting their sports bras to the test. Cardiolates, which is taught at Manhattan-based Pilates on Fifth, is an hour-long full body workout certain to give you gorgeous gams in no time.

Bollywood Funk

If you’ve been meaning to find a fun, festive workout to get you off the couch, consider Bollywood Funk, which takes cue from hip-swiveling Indian pop beats. Get your heartbeat racing with easy to master jazz-meets-hip hop moves, ideal for beginners looking to liven up their workout routines. Bollywood Funk is a perfect way to jump start a healthier lifestyle, all while developing some fresh moves to show off at your next bash.

Strala Yoga

There are hundreds of yoga studios in Manhattan alone, but you can’t get any better than working with Deepak Chopra’s personal instructor, Tara Stiles. Her SoHo-based studio is the ideal relaxing haven to unwind, take deep breaths, as well as master the heart of stretching in tight knit spaces, including your office and yes, a taxi cab. Strala Yoga is all about discovering serenity in a bustling city, meaning yoga enthusiasts, as well as newbies, are welcomed to unite and feel re-energized. Take note, according to Strala Yoga’s site, “you probably won’t sweat. You’ll leave feeling super-restored and renewed.”

Women's World of Boxing

Certified USA boxing coach Teresa Scott teaches ladies how to empower themselves in the ring with her specialty courses open to anyone between the ages of 14-70. Get in shape, build self confidence, and learn an exciting way of self defense through the art of uppercuts, jabs, hooks, and more. Sessions are taught in small group settings and target core areas, including hips, legs, arms, and abs. Not only are classes customized by age, but Scott also keeps your personal goals in mind. Get a total body workout you’ll be proud to show off!

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp

Looking for a swift kick in the butt to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle? Consider Warrior Fitness Boot Camp, classes which are not for the faint of heart. Expect to get your pulse racing with traditional military drills, obstacle courses, weights, running, and more. Not only will you be training with actual US Marines, but you’ll also discover the rigors of the US Marine Corps right in the middle of Manhattan. Warrior Fitness Boot Camp, which was recently featured on the “Dr. Oz Show,” is considered one of the top courses for ladies and gents seeking to train like true warriors.