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Should you go for a mega space with thousands of patrons cheering or would you rather keep things intimate? No matter that you prefer, enjoy your favorite tunes up close and personal.
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The Blue Note

New York City is home to many jazz clubs, but if you truly want to experience the best, make it The Blue Note. Since it first opened its doors in 1981, The Blue Note has been one of the most sought after venues for legendary acts and newcomers to perform in Manhattan. Located in downtown Greenwich Village, The Blue Note encompasses everything you could ever want in a sizzling hot jazz club: smoky ambiance, never ending martinis, hazy dimmed lighting, and sapphire tables side by side. Did we forget artists like Tony Bennett, Stevie Wonder, and Liza Minelli crooning so close you can nearly have a duet with them?

Bowery Ballroom

Three stocked bars and an up close view of your favorite artist no matter where you stand? No wonder Bowery Ballroom is always voted one of the best live venues on nearly every list every created. The Bowery Ballroom is dark and swanky, making it the rock star of music clubs in Manhattan. However, what makes it stand out from the pack is that the Bowery Ballroom is small enough to get a front row view with little effort. Plus, it’s located in the heart of downtown Manhattan where you can easily find an after-hours grub site in just one block alone.

Carnegie Club

Go back to old New York and make your way to Manhattan’s Upper East Side for the ultra posh Carnegie Club-a hot spot for the fashionably elite. Cigar smokers like to get their kicks here with live jazz as ladies happily sip on martinis from the sleek bar. Wear your finest couture and make a grand entrance at the Carnegie Club, like a true Hollywood bombshell would. Sit in a quiet corner and enjoy smooth jazz or old school swing. Come by on Saturday for “Sinatra nights” and pay tribute to ol’ blue eyes himself.

(Le) Poisson Rouge

We know, not everyone in New York City likes to endure the wrath of ruthless bouncers at an exclusive Manhattan club. Skip too long lines at the usual too cool for school venues and check out an A-list cabaret club in Greenwich Village. Music salon (Le) Poisson Rouge or “The Red Fish” is a black and crimson space where suspended fish tank chandeliers make guests ooh and ahh upon arrival. After ordering an absinthe cocktail, grab a velvet red front row seat and watch performers, such as Blondie’s Deborah Harry, strut their stuff on the glitzy, majestic stage. Shows at (Le) Poisson Rouge change every night, which means you can catch Andrew W.K. live one night (Party Hard, anyone?) and a sultry burlesque performance the next evening, courtesy of Manhattan’s most gorgeous temptresses. Enjoy a taste of Paris with a New York City flair and more importantly, have an amazing time without unnecessary fuss.

Arlene’s Grocery

Yes, this gritty hole in the wall used to be a Puerto Rican bodega, but since 1995, this Lower East Side venue has become one of the last places in the neighborhood to catch local rock acts without emptying your wallet. Almost anyone with a band in the five boroughs is certain to land a gig at Arlene's Grocery or even a deal-just ask indie sensation, The Strokes. Grab a brew from the bar and prepare to discover some of the best unsigned acts in town before they get discovered. CBGB’s is long gone, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t rock out in the city.