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Lunch Spots in New York, NY

Whether you’re craving a good ol’ fashion burger or hungry for some BBQ to beat the cubicle blues, here are our picks for best lunch spots in NYC. Let the feast begin!
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Shake Shack

You may want to head there before the booth opens at 11AM to avoid never-ending lines, but the wait to sink your teeth on one of New York City’s juiciest burgers is always worth it. Enjoy fine American dining during lunch time at Flatiron District’s Shake Shack, where one can savor pure angus beef, creamy chocolate custard, and golden, crispy fries, just to name a few. Make sure you order enough to keep you satisfied while enjoying the picturesque Madison Square Park scenery.

Vic's Bagel Bar

Missed out on breakfast? Don’t fret, simply head to this Murray Hill favorite during your lunch break and enjoy one of New York City’s finest treats, which can be eaten any time of the day. Vic’s Bagel Bar is a bagelry that highlights seasonal toppings to zest up your meal, including edamame, mango, or sprinkles, along with creamy spreads, a la hummus, nutella, peanut butter, and more. Not only do guests get to pick which bagel they desire, like blueberry, egg, or the sFrench toast inspired flagel, but they’re all made on site, insuring freshness no matter what time it is.

Broadway Munchies

This Washington Heights cafeteria has been around for more than five years, yet you’d be surprised how many local residents don’t even know this little gem exists. Broadway Munchies may be a neon hole in the wall, but don’t underestimate the many delicious goodies you’ll find here. Broadway Munchies may be too petite for a casual sit-down, but you’ll somehow find yourself here just to gulp on thick tropical fruit milkshakes to wash down patacons, a Venezuelan style sandwich that replaces bread with fried green plantains. However, if you’re slimming down for summer, consider ordering one of their filling salads, which you can custom-make to your liking.

Friend of a Farmer

Escape the cubicle blues during lunch hour by enjoying fine fare at countryside-themed café Friend of a Farmer, where you’ll feel as if you’re dining in upstate New York, not downtown Manhattan. Its cozy, rustic atmosphere is a welcoming environment for those seeking comfort meals, such as mac & cheese with bacon, hearty chicken pot pie, black angus filet mignon with mashed potatoes, and maple glazed carrots as a side dish. Don’t forget to try their mouthwatering pumpkin pancakes no matter the season!

The Original Soupman

You may not know Al Yeganeh by name, but chances are you're familiar with his famous soup shop on Manhattan's Upper West Side, all thanks to the hit comedy series, "Seinfeld." No matter how you first discovered The Original Soupman, his gourmet eatery is one that must be visited at least once during lunch time. Slurp on hearty lobster, crab, or shrimp soup, or savor a vegetarian deluxe sandwich bursting with fresh greens. There's also the thick, juicy pastrami sandwich for meat lovers. Make sure you ALWAYS follow Yeganeh's rules for ordering and you'll be rewarded with chocolate!