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Nightlife in New York, NY

Nightclubs, lounges, and bars, oh my! Here are the top nightlife spots in New York City for ladies to visit once the sun goes down.
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Beauty Bar NYC

Martinis and manicures, who could resist both? Nothing screams “girl’s night out” quite like this “saloon,” also known as Beauty Bar on Manhattan’s East Village. Ladies can unite under chrome-dome hair dryers and sip on stiff drinks, all while getting their nails done.  For $10, we dare you find an equally irresistible deal on a Saturday night. And while Beauty Bar NYC is a salon meets watering hole for gals, you can also discover the perfect weekend soundtrack on any given night. Beauty Bar NYC hosts daily events, including “Wave Not Wave,” for glam rockers, “Soulshaker Dancestravaganza,” as well as pinup classes taught by burlesque star Bettina May. Get gorgeous and then break a sweat on the dance floor at the same place.


Los Feliz

Mouthwatering Mexican cuisine is always popular among hungry night owls, but if you can’t find your favorite taco truck after hitting the dance floor at the club, head straight to the your new favorite Latin restaurant. Los Feliz on Manhattan’s Lower East Side is a taqueria/tequileria that stays openuntil 5AM.  Talk about late night munchies! Aside from its cozy romantic décor that has been described as having the “splendor, romance, and revolution of a Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel,” Los Feliz also boasts more than 150 tequilas and mezcals. Mexican Chef Julieta Ballesteros prides in serving tasty Latin dishes, including sizzling skirt steak, crispy sea bass tacos, and creamy tres leches cake soaked in dulce de leche. No wonder everyone leaves Los Feliz with a smile.

Flute Bar

This Parisian favorite has two locations in New York City, but we’ve found the Gramercy spot to be a more welcoming change of pace from too-hectic Midtown streets. Flute Bar is the ultimate getaway for bubbly lovers, as this premier champagne lounge and bar is all about serving the finest French wine. Flute Bar shines with bright lights resembling twinkling bubbles. Couples can be spotted behind curtain “nooks,” but groups can gab on plush, velvety couches while savoring various types of champagne and sweet treats. If you can’t make up your mind on which sparkling wine to try, Flute Bar’s experts and mixologists are on hand to help you make the right choice of the night with ease. Drink and dine by candlelight or hear live jazz on Wednesday nights. Socialites will want to come by on weekends to check out live DJs and fresh beats. In short, if you adore champagne, then you must be seen at Flute Bar!

230 Fifth

You simply cannot experience nightlife in New York City without attending a rooftop bar, so why settle for less? 230 Fifth, undoubtedly the most popular rooftop of them all, is one you must visit at least once in your life. And don’t worry, 230 Fifth is open year round! 230 Fifth is the largest rooftop garden bar and enclosed penthouse lounge where, on a busy day, hosts over 3,000 patrons. Aside from its swanky ‘40s ruby décor, 230 Fifth also provides guests panorama views of the Manhattan skyline, as well as “head-in” views of the Empire State and Chrysler buildings, all with the Statue of Liberty not too far off in the distance. We recommend that you sign up for their mailing list to learn of upcoming events at this intimate hot spot. Of course, you can always just make a grand appearance at Saturday brunch. More importantly, make sure you visit at night for VIP access of what New York City is really all about at night.


Chinatown always gives Times Square competition in the crowd department, but if you can resist those cravings for homemade dumplings and get past hazy streets, then you're in for a major surprise. Fontana’s may resemble a gritty punk rocker’s bar, but it’s actually a laidback Lower East Side lounge where fashionistas and their rock star boy toys like to wind down and live it up. Greet the bouncers and pay no cover to enter Fontana’s, a surprisingly giant venue where you can drink, dance, watch sizzling hot retro flicks...and do it all over again. Score a leather booth for your posse or party with the DJ as he spins old school favorites, a la Ramones and Iggy Pop. In addition to tropical dance fests, local bands perform live for around 10 bucks, a major steal in Manhattan. Music lovers, what are you waiting for? Start your Saturday night now.