Winter Activities » New York City, NY

Winter Activities in New York City, NY

We have you covered, minus unwanted flurries, with the top winter activities in NYC. Not only will you heart the city, but you may just fall in love with winter.
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Black Rabbit

When it comes to winter in New York City, ladies love to get cozy, either with that special someone or simply with friends. Lucky for us, the city offers several low-key venues with an actual working fireplace to set the right mood. If you’re going to visit one saloon during the wintry months, then make sure it’s Black Rabbit in Brooklyn. Its prewar lighting, dark wooden floors, and antique décor are all ideal for winding down by a roaring fire. Play classic board games while savoring beer fondue with a warm specialty cocktail or two from the 19th century bar. If only every night in winter could be just as picturesque!  

Black Mountain Winehouse

Can’t find a ski lodge in Manhattan? Just head to Brooklyn. Black Mountain Winehouse may appear like a tiny cabin, but it’s actually an intimate wine bar with an extensive menu. Order a hot mulled red wine and heat things up by the fireplace or catch up with friends over fondue. Whatever your pleasure may be, you won’t notice that it’s below zero outside and who could ask for anything better than that in New York City during winter?

Grand Central Terminal

Many New Yorkers assume that Grand Central Terminal is just a spot to catch the subway, but it’s actually one of the most underrated winter treasures of the city. While shoppers attempt to stay warm during minus 20 degree temperatures, you can remain toasty inside the historical building, which is filled with several restaurants and boutiques to choose from. Some of the stores available to guests include MAC Cosmetics, L’Occitane, and Pink Slip, just to name a few. On days when you just don’t feel like whipping something up, have a cozy Italian dinner at Cipriani Dolci or order a round of drinks with friends at the luxurious Campbell Apartment, formerly the private salon of 1920’s tycoon John W. Campbell. Plus, you won’t have any trouble finding quick transportation when it’s time to head home!

New York Wine Expo

Are you ready to wine down? Every year, The New York Wine Expo takes place during the winter months at Manhattan’s Jacob Javits Convention Center where you can become a seasoned connoisseur practically overnight. While the weather outside may be frightful, sampling more than 600 wines from around the globe is so delightful! Stroll through old world Italy, France, Spain, even South Africa and sip on the wines that are certain to be served this summer during outdoor dinners and sunny brunches. Tickets are currently on sale and this year’s New York Wine Expo takes place from February 25th-27th. Just like winter, it won’t last for long, so don’t miss out on the festivities.

Sheep Meadow in Central Park

Think cross country skiing only happens in Vermont? Guess again. Manhattan’s own Central Park offers several spots to swoosh and slide without leaving town, including Sheep Meadow. Not only is it a perfect seasonal workout, but it’s also an activity anyone can participate it. Do note that while nothing beats skiing throughout one of Manhattan’s most beautiful parks, snow must be at least six inches deep. Who knows, you may just hope for another blizzard to occur in New York City just to take part in this beloved pastime!