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Gyms/Group Classes in Philadelphia, PA

Choose from a variety of classes ranging from outdoor fitness to circus classes to keep yourself in shape!
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Focus Fitness Main Line

If you are one of those people who likes yoga but feels like it isn't 'intense' enough for you, then you will want to try out Focus Fitness Main Line's signature class. The signature class is called YeS, it combines a 45 minute spinning class with a 30 minute yoga class. Never again will you think that yoga is anything but intense! In addition to the yoga spinning combo they offer a variety of vinyasa classes, pilates, barre classes, and prenatal yoga. So grab a friend, a bottle of water, and head over a workout!

Verge Yoga

Perfect for the yoga enthusiast from beginner to advanced Verge Yoga offers great beginner classes as well as a vast array of flow classes for intermediate and advanced students. Along with tradiational yoga classes they also offer reggae yoga classes and classes with resistance bands to really challenge you and target the core. The reggae classes are always a blast and are taught by the phenomenal teachers. Located on the main line a short drive from center city you can grab a bite t eat next door after your class and take a little time t unwind. 

Go Vertical

This is a great gym if you are a rock climbing enthusiast or a person who just wants to give rock climbing a try, with 250 routes avaiable to climb every day and 20 new routes each week you are sure to find a path that suits your skill level. There are beginner classes held daily and a separate area for beginners to climb as well as a kids area. Some perks include the nice climate controlled environment away from the elements and the free parking! And if you want to step out to grab lunch go ahead, they won't even charge you a readmission fee. 

Philly Dance Fitness

Most classes at this gym are on a drop in basis and cost $10 or you can buy a hole punch card if you plan on coming regularly. The classes use dance to have fun, burn calories, and get fit! They offer a great range of classes like Extreme Ballet where the non ballerinas can learn some ballet moves and translate them into a real workout. Not only will you be more fit but these classes even help with posture, so you could say they also make you taller! In addition to the ballet classes there are hip hop dance classes, pilates, and piloxing to choose from. 

Platoon Fitness

If you want to start your day off with a high energy workout then meet the trainers from Platoon Fitness daily at 6am on the steps of the famous Philadelphia Museum of Art or at Rosemont College located on the main line. The classes meet daily year round and offer activities for people of all skill levels, the best part is that they offer a 100% money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied with your progress, weight loss, and overall experience. If you enjoy the outdoor classes but would prefer to stay indoors when the weather is bad they also offer indoor classes at 6 am and 9:30 am including kickboxing and pilates.