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Baby's Day Out in Phoenix, AZ

The Valley is full of fun places for the whole family. Whether it's during the heat of summer or the cooler winter days, there are both indoor and outdoor places to take the whole family. Even if your little one is too young to remember all these great places, someday the photos you capture along the way will say it all!
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Tempe Splash Playground

When it's hot out, the last thing you want to do is push that stroller around! Take a break right off of the Mill Avenue, one of Tempe's best loved areas. Its versatility makes it a great place to wander around in the cooler months and an even better place to beat the heat when the temperature rises. Grab the sunscreen and take the kids to the splash playground for some fun in the sun. Spray cannons and other water features will keep the kids entertained all summer and then when the weather cools down, the water disappears and the kids will still have fun on the playground. You will enjoy the beautiful lake views and breathtaking sunsets too. 

McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park

There seems to be a wonder that we all have as small children for trains and railroads. There is just something about the rush of the train and the honk of the horn as it goes by that puts a bit of a flutter in our stomachs even as adults. Rediscover that same awe and wonder and introduce your kids to all the excitement of trains and the McCormick-Stillman park. Acres of grass are a welcome break from the open desert and you will find that even just walking around the shaded park is the perfect baby’s day out. Pose alongside the antique carousel or take a ride on one of the many trains that circles the property. This is the ultimate relax-and-fill-your-photo-album destination.  

Arizona Science Center

Think your little one is too young to start learning? Well you’ve probably already noticed that he or she is a little sponge soaking up everything around so why not fill that sponge with some great scientific experiences? After all, haven’t you hear of the Baby Einstein series?  You’ve got to start somewhere! Take the family to the Arizona Science Center for an experience they will never forget. While there are many exhibits that come and go, there are also several that remain constant in the museum including the “Forces of Nature” exhibit that gives kids the chance to understand weather phenomenons and even lets them get the feel of an earthquake. They will also enjoy “My Digital World” which is a perfect introduction for our generation of children who are constantly surrounded by new technology in all aspects of their lives. 


Often the places that leave us most exhausted as parents are the most exhilarating places for our children.  Endless amounts of energy are easily entertained at CrackerJax one of Scottsdale's most established fun parks. While the older kids can enjoy attractions like Water Wars and Bungee Dome, the younger ones will love the kiddie go-kart track and the mini gold course. Essentially if you can imagine it, CrackerJax has it in one form or another. This is a great place to come with your friends and their families for some much needed catch-up time while the kids wear themselves out with the many wondrous activities this park has to offer.  

Children's Museum of Phoenix

As you have likely realized by now, there are so many great places to take your baby in the Valley it’s hard to decide where to go each day. The Children’s Museum is ideal if you have a very young baby since their aptly names “Place for Threes & Younger” on the museums third floor provides the perfect environment for much needed mommy, baby bonding time. Additionally if you live in the area it is worthwhile to keep an eye on the schedule. The museum hosts some wonderful baby and toddler classes including baby yoga that are a great opportunity to bond with your baby as well as with other area moms and gives you a chance to make some great friends.