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Phoenix heat can get relentless -- that’s when it’s time to chill in an air-conditioned, independent bookstore where the perfect book awaits to help you escape.
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If you feel like getting lost in a good book, come get lost in the maze! While it can be slightly challenging to find what you are looking for in this cool labyrinth, it is worth losing your way for a bit. More than 100,000 books cover two floors and no matter what your favorite type of book may be, we guarantee that the BookMaze has it! With the cute little “Edge of the Maze” café inside, this is one of those great used bookstores that you will want to hang out in all day. Complete with Wi-Fi, you can either head in to get some work down or simply grab a book and chill out with a cup of coffee. You’ll want to keep an eye on their site since this bookstore also frequently hosts book signings and other special events.   

Bards Books

Bards has the appeal of walking into a friends cozy home -- a very well-read friend that is! For having as many books as they do, one of the great things about Bards is that it is very well organized so it makes browsing a bit easier. With a full-sized community room available, book groups, meditation groups or any other large group of people who would like a cozy meeting spot will find a home at Bards. Aside from having a ton of books, they also seem to get many new books in as well so it is doubtful you could ever grow tired of what they have in stock.

Bookmans Entertainment Exchange

You could spend an entire day in Bookmans and never get bored. Previously loved items fill this store, ranging from musical instruments, DVDs, music, comics, electronics and of course, books! This break from the normal bookstore is a refreshing one and with such a large collection of paperback and hardcover books, there is bound to be something that will catch your eye. Aside from offering aisles upon aisles of books, Bookmans also offers a wide range of events that take place right in the store. From game nights to preschool get-togethers, the store also offers events to appeal to your artistic side with the occasional art shows, belly dancing classes and even pet adoption nights! 

Changing Hands Bookstore

Ask anyone in the Tempe area what their favorite independent bookstore is and they're bound to enthusiastically say "Changing Hands!" This place is more like a small community of literary lovers than a bookstore. In addition to carrying new and used titles, the store also carries gifts and frequently holds events, signings and other awesome community get-togethers. When those who are indulged in the digital reading world stubbornly say that "bookstores are on the way out," they certainly haven't been to Changing Hands. In fact, this is one store that has been able to continue evolving throughout the past decades. It first opened in the 70s and today now offer eBooks in addition to the classic paperback and hardback covered books many of us can't imagine living without. You can also trade in your books when you are through with them and get a credit toward new ones. 

Heard Museum and Bookstore

While this may not be your average bookstore, the Heard Museum offers a unique look at the beginnings of civilization in the Southwest and throughout the nation. After browsing through the museum, head for the bookstore and you will find variety of authentic native stories in addition to some great gifts. With the cafe on site and many great places to sit outside next to the luxurious fountains, this is a great place in the downtown area to grab a coffee and a book. Whether you live in the Phoenix area or are just passing through, we recommend you take a trip to the Heard Museum in order to add some authenthic Southwest reading to your bookshelf!