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Breakfast/Brunch in Phoenix, AZ

A great breakfast can make the difference between a mediocre morning and an amazing afternoon! If you live in the Valley of the Sun or are on vacation these top 10 breakfast/brunch places are an absolute must. If you like traditional breakfast fare or something a bit more signature-style, you will easily find a new favorite in one of these morning hot spots.
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Chez Vous

If you think crepes are only meant for dessert, one trip to Chez Vous will have you craving them for breakfast, lunch and dinner! This adorable Parisian restaurant is located in the beautiful Gainey Ranch area and offers traditional French fare that will have you saying “merci, merci!” over and over again. This family run business has a great atmosphere and a lovely area for sitting outdoors. Enjoy pastries, fruit or omelets all prepared with a traditional French flair. We also recommend the homemade baguette with jam. Come with the family or grab the girls for a brunch compete with wine of course, it wouldn’t be a Parisian meal without it. 

Olive & Ivy

Olive & Ivy is a wonderful spot to head for if you are looking for the atmosphere to be every bit as great as the food. In the Valley, there is no shortage of sunny days and the patios at Olive & Ivy will make you glad you can eat outdoors all year round (well, in the summer with misters of course!). Choose from traditional breakfast items like French toast, eggs benedict and pancakes or if you are more of a leaning-towards-lunch-at-brunch type you will be thrilled with their selection of flatbreads and salads. The location couldn’t be any more ideal for a pre-shopping feast and perhaps even a post shopping drink afterwards. 

Matt's Big Breakfast

Matt’s Big Breakfast is everything that breakfast should be but rarely is. The décor and vibe are funky with reminders of the old diner days gone by. The cooking concept however is what sets this diner apart from any other. Healthy, fresh, local ingredients – sounds simple right? Matt’s does it like no one else around. This tiny space does not hold many people at all, in fact, if you want to go there on a weekend morning, you better get there early – the line starts forming but rest assured it is well worth the wait. If the building was any larger, it would lose a part of its charm. You will be enticed by the smell and your mouth will be watering before you even step foot in the door. Be sure to bring your appetite, they don’t call it Matt’s “Big” Breakfast for nothing!  

Harlow's Cafe

Some places are so good that they don’t even need a website! Though it is hard to imagine any business going far these days without an online presence, Harlow’s Café has done that and more. In fact, review sites praising this old-time diner are plentiful enough and speak far louder than a company-run site. Essentially, if you have ever wondered what Tempe looked like years ago without the new buildings and ever growing population, you can get a realistic glimpse at Harlow’s. It’s likely not much has changed, but why change something that works? If you are in the Tempe area any given weekend, you are bound to see a line waiting outside of Harlow’s. This is your traditional greasy spoon diner but in a town filled with college students, what could be better than weekend comfort food? 


Drive-thru health food? Now that’s something you don’t see every day! D’Lish is known in the Valley for its healthy eats and trendy vibe. If you are vegetarian or have any other dietary need this is the perfect breakfast spot. You will find plenty of options made easy for you to find on the menu. Pastries, sandwiches and other assorted traditional breakfast foods are served to-go or you can have a seat in the cozy coffee house inside. There is nothing better than when a business practices what it preaches. D’Lish sends a message that fast food doesn’t need to pollute your body, but also that it doesn’t need to pollute the earth either. Most of the products are biodegradable and the ingredients are local and organic.