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Coffee Shops in Phoenix, AZ

Coffee in the desert? Isn’t Phoenix hot enough already? Well rest easy, caffeine fiends -- the Valley of the Sun has plenty of iced-coffee options. And hot ones too, for when the weather cools.
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Coffee Plantation

Coffee Plantation is a chain coffee, but one of the best locations is in the Shea Shopping Plaza. It's near the movie theater and also surrounded by plenty of great dinner and lunch spots and overall is a great meeting place location. Free Wi-Fi is another perk of all Coffee Plantations and with indoor/outdoor seating, it's the perfect spot for the hot summer days and the nice breezy cool fall weather. Their food menu offers some great snacks, baked goods and sandwiches in case you get hungry and their house roast coffee is particularly tasty. If you have ever been curious about Coffee Plantation, now is the time to stop by and check it out. 

Copper Star Coffee

If you are a decide-about-a-place-with-one-glance type of person, there is no way you could see this adorable place without immediately loving it. What was once a gas station is now a go-to coffee shop. While the inside is not all that big, it's cozy and with the old garage door done in glass, there is great natural lighting that makes this a pleasant place to relax. Open mic night is one activity that draws a large crowd (well as large of a crowd as this tiny space can allow!). While those looking for a more mainstream and larger coffee shop may not find the atmosphere to be suitable, those who enjoy awesome espresso in a funky environment will be pleasantly surprised. If they have them in stock, treat yourself to a giant Rice Krispie treat -- you will not be disappointed! 

Echo Coffee

If you are looking for a coffee shop that offers fresh local brews, this is the place! In fact, if you are looking to move your boring weekly business meeting to a new location, Echo is definitely the appropriate location because it is larger than your average coffee shop and very accommodating. Aside from great coffee, the food menu is one that will appeal to many. It offers a variety of vegan, vegetarian and meat lover items. Salads are also very fresh and great for lunch or a mid-afternoon snack. With its modern feel and high ceilings, this is the coffee shop to head to if you are looking for a break from the smaller cramped spaces, there is nothing claustrophobic about this location!

Gold Bar Espresso

Gold Bar is one of those places you may have driven past countless times and not even noticed it was there -- but once you step inside for a cup of coffee, you won't ever forget it again. While the space itself is somewhat small, the space is maximized in every way possible. The live jazz on Friday and Sunday nights bring people in to enjoy a cup o' joe and the assortment of board games keep customers entertained any day of the week and on Saturday night, you can join other board game players for the coffee shop's game night. 

There is also outdoor seating available but the indoor seating is so appealing, it's hard to make the switch to sitting outside. The atmosphere is super cozy, the staff is more than accommodating and the Allann Bros coffee is always flowing. 

Jolta Java

Jolta Java is a great break from the corporate coffee grind. Though it has recently come under new ownership, this independent gem has retained its same appeal. From awesome croissants to tasty sandwiches and salads, this little coffee shop has it all. With a funky back room for relaxing, working or catching up with friends, it feels a bit more like being in a good friend's house than at an actual business. If you like traditional lattes and other coffee house staples, you will find them here along with a few unique twists. The lines are normally short and it is much faster moving than many other area coffee shops.