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Live Entertainment Venues in Phoenix, AZ

There’s a good reason why the lead singer for Jimmy Eat World called Phoenix a “rock mecca.” The Valley of the Sun has venues large and small hosting major rockers and local bands every weekend.
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Celebrity Theatre

Celebrity Theatre is one of the most well-loved large music venues in the Valley. If you haven’t seen a show there yet, you need to check the schedule and head over to hear some great music. There isn’t a bad seat in the place thanks to the rotating stage. This small little detail makes a world of difference when it comes to getting to see your favorite bands up close and personal. The venue also serves alcohol before and during the show. The Celebrity has great sound and the lights in the venue are second to none. This venue brings in a lot of national talent so it’s important to keep an eye on the concert calendar. As far as live music venues go, this is a relatively smaller one so be sure to get tickets as soon as you hear that your favorite band is headed to town. 

Club Red

Club Red (you may also hear it called Red Owl) is one fantastic place to chill out on the weekend. This is one of the cleanest and largest (but not too large) independent venues in the Valley. Complete with a newly redesigned dance floor and sound system, Club Red is a versatile venue that has been home to many local bands. From jazz to hip-hop, there is no one type of music that you will see here. Depending on the show, it may be 18 and over or 21 and over. This is one thing that you should check out ahead of time if you are under 21. Also, if you are there to see a show, get there early since parking can be a bit tricky. 

US Airways Center

The grand-daddy of all Phoenix concert venues (and also home to the Phoenix Suns) the US Airways center is one of the valley’s largest venues and normally draws in the largest acts. The stadium seating accommodates a large crowd perfectly and the area of shops and bars located around the arena make it a great place to hop off the light rail and make a whole evening of it. 

Modified Arts

Modified Arts, located in the heart of the Art District is a very versatile space. If you are looking for a large commercial venue, this is not your place! It may be small, but this art gallery turned live music venue knows how to rock. From local jazz bands to up and coming rockers, Modified Arts is one edgy venue that packs in a lot of people. Normally a younger crowd, alcohol is not served, but there are many bars close by.  If you are looking for a unique place to go on a date or a fun night out with the girls, this is a venue worth checking out. 

Rula Bula

Located amidst the hustle and bustle of Mill Avenue, this authentic Irish pub is one of the longest lasting staples of the area. Many college bars come and go on Mill Ave, but Rula Bula continues to be a favorite of college students and locals alike. On weekends bar-goers flock in to hear the awesome live music. The bar is set up perfectly for bands since there is a stage inside (which during the day is converted into seating) and the open patio in the back has speakers, so during cooler weather, you can hang out and talk with friends at the outdoor bar while still hearing the band. If you are a musician yourself, Rula Bula is home to one of the most well-attended open mic nights around.