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Nightlife in Phoenix, AZ

From a low-key glass of wine to a party-all-night margarita, Phoenix has a local bar ready to fuel your fire for a hot night out in the Valley of the Sun.
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Narcisse Champagne and Tea Lounge

This is the ultimate "pretty person" bar to be seen in Scottsdale. New to the Scottsdale Quarter, Narcisse is a great place to bring your gal pals and have a night out on the town. It's also a great place to go for a mid-afternoon snack or light lunch. You can have a full-tea or a tea infused drink or one of the many champagne cocktails. Narcisse transitions for a quiet and calming day-time atmosphere to a party-all-night bar when the sun goes down. On the weekends you may even be able to convince your man to come along since scantely clad go-go dancers are a nighttime special! 

Ghost Lounge

The Ghost Lounge combines modern elegance with the luxury of days past. This bar/club is just the spot to head if you are in the historic downtown Phoenix area. With so many new buidlings popping up all over the desert, it's rare to find a place with so much history. The Ghost Lounge is located in the Hotel San Carlos which has been around since 1928. It was once a famous hangout for Hollywood's elite and now some believe even those who have left the bright lights of the entertainment industry are still hanging out in this hot spot, hence the name Ghost Lounge. A great place to dance the night away and tell a spooky story or two!


If sushi is what you crave (or even just a great martini), Sapporo is one of the hottest spots in Scottsdale. Once 5 pm hits Sapporo fills up fast. Mix, mingle and get some great sushi and drink specials during happy hour. Rolls, nigiri and shashimi are all on this limited menu and make for some great sharing appetizers or even a light meal. 

If you want to make a whole night of it, the Teppan Yaki is a great group event. These chefs know how to put on a show so expect to be impressed. Oh and it's an added bonus if you are good at catching food in your mouth! 


Somehow downtown Phoenix has the reputation for dying out once 5 p.m. hits,  but as commuters head home to different parts of the Valley, Hanny's begins filling up fast. Known for the specialty "last chance for romance" midnight martinis and funky decor, Hanny's was once a well-known department store which opened in 1947 and until the store closed in 1987, it was the pinnacle location for sophisticated men's fashion. Today that historic charm is still completely alive with a pleasantly eerie feeling from the past around every turn.

The statute you will see as you walk in, definitely requires a second look.

The upstairs has a private room and is also where the restrooms are located. You walk down a  a very Alice-in-Wonderland hallway only to find doors to the left, the right and in front of you. After being upstairs for a minute or two you'll be craving the company of your girls and a second drink. 

The Compound Grill

Located on the Phoenix/Scottsdale border, The Compound Grill always has something going on. The ultimate hippie hangout (or for the more preppy hippie-at-heart) you will hear cover bands, local performers, open mic nights and a variety of shows that will entertain you. Created by the founders of the McDowell Mountain Music Festival, this bar has the same kind of chill vibe. It's the type of place that inspires good conversation, lots of laughs and plenty of entertainment.