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Summer Activities in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix is often said to be a 'dry heat' and it certainly doesn't disappoint in that regard. Even with a lack of humidity, summer in the desert isn't exactly ideal. Fortunately for those who can make the most of it, there are many fun things to do. The Phoenix area is known for it's variety of resorts and attractions and in an effort to bring in customers during the hot months, most of these places offer amazing rates and discounts - you just need to know where to look and that's where we come in!
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Tempe Town Lake

When it comes to summer in the Valley, beating the heat comes down to one thing – water and lots of it! Ever notice that simply looking at the water and feeling the breeze can help take your mind off the heat? Grab the girls, throw on your bikinis and head to the lake. While usually the word ‘lake’ conjures up images of sand and swimming, Tempe Town Lake is a bit different from that. The Splash Waterpark may sound like something for kids (and in truth it is who the park was designed for) but plenty of adults stand in the refreshing spray of the waterfall and wade in the shallow water of the kiddie pool. Get a tan while cooling off and then head out for a night on the town right there in Mill Ave. 

Fairmont Princess Resort

For those who can stand the desert summer, the rewards are plentiful! Grab the girls, it’s time for a spa staycation! Those familiar with the area know that the Scottsdale Fairmont Princess is a destination for pro and college athletes, celebrities and families alike. While the rates are often a bit steeper in the cool months when tourists are plentiful, the Princess comes down in price and even offers great spa/room packages. Whether you are celebrating a bachelorette party or simply having a girl’s weekend, this is the ideal place to get the most for your money. The Willow Stream Spa will have you relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed in no time! 

Chase Field

One of the best places to enjoy all that summer has to offer is at Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Whether you are a hardcore sports fan or simply like the social scene, the air-conditioned stadium allows you to enjoy all the fun of being outdoors…Arizona style. When the Valley heats up, sporting events need to be a bit creative not only for the players but for the fans too! If you are getting restless and feel like breaking away from another day at the pool, you will love the excitement of watching the game, throwing peanut shells on the floor and enjoying and ice cold beer. Did we mention there is even a pool inside the stadium? 

Big Surf

If you are wondering where everyone goes as soon as the summer heats up look no further than Big Surf Waterpark. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, getting out of the heat with the fam or spending the day with friends, the waterpark provides hours of fun in the sun without feeling the heat of the day. Put on your bikini and even take a surf lesson. That’s right, a surf lesson right here in the desert. You may be a long way from the ocean, but it won’t feel that way once you get in the wave pool. If boogie boarding is more your style, they have that too! Choose from many thrilling water slides or you can always grab a drink and lay poolside – no matter what your summer relaxation style, Big Surf is a whole lot of fun!

Scottsdale Art Walk

Enjoy art but feel out of place in a quiet museum? The Art Walk is a perfect way to enjoy the beautiful downtown Scottsdale atmosphere while checking out the local talent. For 30 years, the Art Walk has brought music, art and culture to the Valley. Every Thursday, the tradition continues. Whether you are an artist, art enthusiast or simple a people watcher, this fun event will appeal to you. You will have a chance to get out of the sun beneath the scenic tree cover while sipping a cocktail and strolling down the street. This is a great destination for ‘date night’ as well as girl’s night out.