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Baby's Day Out in Portland, OR

Bust out the tiny raincoats and mini rain boots! It's baby's day out in Portland, Oregon and there is so much to explore! Don't miss these fun spots in Portland that baby will go ga-ga over.
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World Forestry Center

Just because her vocabulary only includes "mama" and "dada" doesn't mean that you can't integrate a little education into her baby's day out! The World Forestry Center in Portland is a fun and fascinating place for the entire family to visit, including baby. The center focused on teaching kids and adults about the timber industry in both the Portland area and around the world, using interactive exhibits to do so. Don't miss Peggy the Train, who makes her home just outside of the museum and the treetop ride that takes you up to the top of the center, just as if you were high upon the forest canopy. Children under age three visit the center for free.

Oregon Zoo

Okay, we must admit that half of the fun of taking baby to the zoo is for our own entertainment! There's nothing quite like watching his face light up when he sees the animals up close and personal and it warms our mama hearts! The Oregon Zoo is one of Portland's most popular family attractions and a trip is easily adaptable if you have a little animal lover in tow. Be sure to bring a stroller or a front-pack that you can carry baby around in for a couple of hours easily -- the Oregon Zoo is 64-acres, so you'll be putting some pavement under your feet! The Zoo Train is another must to add to your day at the zoo with baby.

Hood River County Fruit Loop

Just outside of Portland, Oregon is the Hood River County Fruit Loop -- the perfect place to take your little one on a day trip out of the city. The route, once you make it to Hood River County, is 35-miles and is full of the freshest pears, cherries, apples and more and they are all just outside of your minivan doors. Different times of year feature different fruits along the loop, but despite during the winter, there are always goodies to try and to take home with you for whipping up fresh baby food in your own kitchen. Don't forget to pack a bib, or two, for your new eater -- this could get a little messy!