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Next time you need a book, you'd better hope that you're in Portland! With bookstores on practically every corner, Portland has some of the coolest bookstores in the nation -- check these out!
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Powell's City of Books

Powell's City of Books is a staple in Portland -- not just for locals who love coming here to browse, but also for tourists -- in fact, people travel to Portland just to go to Powell's. This is far more than the average bookstore -- Powell's feels like you favorite, small independent bookshop, but it is absolutely huge! If it's your first visit to Powell's, we highly recommend using a map -- each room and floor is color coded, so that you know where you are at all times and can easily find your way from one area to the next.

Annie Bloom's Books

Annie Bloom's Books is just one of those bookstores that has a feeling. It's hard to describe in words -- maybe it's the combination of the smell of books, the slightly chilly air that keeps you cool while browsing, the way that the books are put in the shelves that make you know that they were lovingly put in that particular place for a reason -- you just have to experience it yourself to know what we mean. Regulars to Annie Bloom's also rave about the impressive stationary section at the store.

Wallace Books

True bookworms will swoon over this tiny house in Portland's historic neighborhood. Wallace Books is like a rabbit hole for book lovers -- as soon as they walk in the door, it will be hard not to get sucked further and further into the rooms of great new and used books. This is not the store to visit if you prefer your bookstores perfectly organized -- Wallace is a bit looser in their system, but it only lends to the asthetic of the store and the book-loving employees are happy to help you find whatever you're looking for. If you're passionate about supporting local, independent bookstores, Wallace Books is the place for you.

Broadway Books

If you're looking for a bookstore in the same spirit of Powell's City of Books, but on a smaller scale with more of a neighborhood feel, give Broadway Books a try. Broadway Books has a great selection of both new and used books, plus it is just the right size store to navigate easily without a map or color-coding and employees are readily at hand for questions you may have or to hunt down that book you can't remember the title of. Another reason to make the trip to Broadway Books? They have an excellent magazine and stationary inventory.

Title Wave Used Bookstore

Run by more than 50 volunteers through the Multnomah County Library, Title Wave Used Bookstore is where all of the rejects from the library system get turned into bargain books for book-lovers in Portland. Title Wave Used Bookstore has over 20,000 titles in stock, priced as low as 25 cents, with hardback books as low as $2. We suggest that you become a regular at Title Wave -- their inventory changes every single day with so many books rotating through their shelves, so coming often is the best way to find books that you'll love. Title Wave also has a fantastic selection of used audiobooks and CDs.