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Coffee Shops in Portland, OR

Portland knows coffee, there's no doubt about that. With so many choices for a latte or cappuccino around the city, it was hard to pick just ten to feature!
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Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Stumptown Coffee Roasters is undeniable Portland's most famous coffee roasting company -- with multiple locations all over the city, Stumptown is well-known for a reason -- their coffee is delicious! Stumptown is more of a lifestyle than a coffee shop, with magazines, the hottest in hipster decor and the trendiest coffee drinkers you'll ever find. For the coffee drinkers who are super serious about where their coffee comes from and how it's roasted, Stumptown has you covered there too -- they roast their beans at this location on Division and you're welcome to come watch!

Blend Coffee Lounge

Being at Blend Coffee Lounge is like hanging out in your own, comfortable living room -- except with a barista that will make you delicious coffee creations at your every whim! Blend is filled with huge, plush couches and chairs and we're not talking about grungy old coffee house ones that look like they came from someone's basement 20-years ago -- these are places that you actually want to settle into with a good book and a latte for the day. Blend Coffee Lounge serves Portland's famous Stumptown Coffee, so you know that it will be delicious.

Public Domain Coffee

Public Domain Coffee doesn't use a lot of bells and whistles to sell their coffee -- because they don't need to. The decor at Public Domain is sparse and modern -- this isn't as much a place to curl up in an oversized chair as it is a place to truly take in your coffee. The baristas are very serious about their method and materials -- you'll often be invited to take a sniff of your grounds before they preform the "pour over" method of brewing you a fresh cup. Don't count on swinging in to Public Domain for a quick cup to-go -- they only offer drink-in here.


Willing to experiment a bit with your coffee selection? Head straight to Barista in the Pearl District of Portland. This tiny coffee shop has perfected the craft of creating delicious coffee -- nothing is thrown together here. Every single cup is made with extreme precision from the highest-quality beans available in Portland and by, who they claim to be, the best baristas in town as well. Barista will happily serve you whatever your regular drink may be, but we strongly suggest that you try something from their signature menu, which changes regularly. Looking for somewhere more comfortable to enjoy your coffee? They have a larger location on Alberta that's lovely for relaxing.

Coffeehouse Northwest

Always at the top of must-drink coffees in Portland is the yummy brew from Coffeehouse Northwest. This simple coffee spot serves some of the best cappuccino in the city with foam that will make you swoon. Besides loving their delicious coffee, we also love Coffeehouse Northwest for catering to everyone -- the snobbiest of the coffee snobs will feel right at home here, as will coffee novices who are trying to venture out from their typical coffee joint. Additional bonus points go to Coffeehouse Northwest for their amazing selection of pastries, pulled from bakery down the street.