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Lunch Spots in Portland, OR

A city that is full of foodies is sure to have some great places for lunch and Portland doesn't disappoint. For lunch in Portland, give one of these ten hotspots a try.
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Big Ass Sandwiches

There's no two ways about it -- the sandwiches they create at Big Ass Sandwiches are really that -- big a** sandwiches. This food cart is not to be missed for lunch in Portland, although after you eat your lunch here, it's likely you won't need dinner. Let's talk about the menu -- there are seven sandwiches on the menu -- all of them gigantic and all of them stuffed with hand-cut french fries. Plus, they have a great list of extras that you can add on to make your sandwich even bigger, such as jalepenos, coleslaw, onions and housemade horseradish. Our best suggestion for lunch at Big Ass Sandwich? Go hungry.

Built to Grill

Lunch doesn't have to mean greasy burgers or sloppy sandwiches. At Built to Grill, one of Portland's best food carts, you can get a quick, inexpensive lunch that is as tasty and fresh as a gourmet meal at a high-end Italian restaurant. When you get to Built to Grill, you'll quickly realize that this isn't your typical beat-up converted RV serving up lunch -- the Built to Grill cart matches their food completely -- it was custom built for owner, Brooke, and is pretty adorable. You can sit at one of the red-checker tableclothed tables to eat your lunch or grab one of the bar stools on the side of the cart. Either way, this is a big step up from your usual lunch.

The Side Door

The Side Door in Portland offers a little bit of everything for lunch -- delicious coffee drinks that taste like they are straight from a coffee house, tasty sandwiches and daily soup selections that are deli fresh, and beers to keep you moving from lunch straight into happy hour. The Side Door is perfect for lunch any time of year -- they have great picnic tables outside for those warmer Portland days (yes, they do exist!), but inside The Side Door, you'll find a cozy spot to take your time and warm up during the fall and winter. Don't be afraid to pull up your laptop and have a working lunch -- their WiFi is excellent too.

The Portland Soup Company

What's the best lunch on a cold and rainy Portland day? Soup! More than just a standard food cart, The Portland Soup Company is more like a permanent food trailer -- they've built an amazing covered porch that wraps around the cart so that you can grab your soup without getting soaked in the rain and even stand at the counter to take a few bites before heading back to work. Need something a bit more substantial for lunch than just soup? They also make delicious, fresh sandwiches and salads -- we especially love doing a cup of soup with a half-sandwich.


Portland girls -- there's no need to be ashamed! PBJ's is one of our favorite spots for lunch too! Peanut butter and jelly isn't just for kids anymore, at least since PBJ's hit the food cart scene in Portland. And even better, PBJ's menu goes far beyond just your standard PB & J. Try The Betty with Challah, gruyere, pickles, white pepper, sea salt and their own homemade peanut butter -- all grilled together, of course. Or go sweet with The Joy -- dark chocolate spread, coconut filling and almond butter -- so delicious. Don't forget to check out the Additions Menu for sandwich add-ons like Nutella, granola and white chocolate chips.