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Nightlife in Portland, OR

It doesn't matter what kind of night out you're looking for, Portland has so many options to choose from. Grab your girlfriends or your best boy and head out for an night in The Rose City!
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Bossanova Ballroom

The Bossanova Ballroom in Portland's Lower Burnside neighborhood is a hot spot for nightlife -- they aren't pigeon-holed into one type of music or preformace, so every night is a bit different. You could easily catch a burlesque show on Monday, a headbanging show on Tuesday and then come back for hip-hop on Wednesday. They often have special preformances or shows as well that are a huge hit and that you won't want to miss -- keep an eye on their Facebook and Twitter for up to date information! For the shows -- try to snag a spot on the balcony -- it has a great view of the stage!

Aalto Lounge

It's hard to put a finger on exactly what category Aalto Lounge fits under -- it has a slight French/European vibe, a bit of a nightclub vibe and a bit of a high-end architectural waiting room vibe. What Portland locals can agree upon about Aalto is that no matter what vibe you get from it, it's good. They have a DJ at 10pm and great drink specials on weekday nights. Aalto is perfect for meeting up with a small group of friends -- there are cozy little seating areas all over the space where you can put your stuff down and relax without feeling on top of other people.


You'll have to forgive the lack of contact information for Central -- they technically don't want to be found. Central is following the growing bar trend bringing back the Speakeasy. When you do find the hidden entrance (use the address listed above to get there), you'll find some rules on how they expect diners to conduct themselves. Once inside, Central is so cozy and inviting -- it will make you want to stay all night long, chatting with your friends and ordering from their high-quality food (crepes) and bar menu. Girls -- this is the perfect place to slip away to on a night that you don't want to be hit on -- one of their rules is "no hitting on members of the opposite sex." Their reasoning? Nobody like a sleaze.

Crystal Ballroom

By far the hottest music venue in Portland is the Crystal Ballroom, where the motto is "Where on any night, anything can happen!" -- really, where else would you want to spend a night out! The Crystal Ballroom building is part of what makes this venue so fun -- it's an old historic ballroom with huge chandeliers dangling from the ceiling. But, the fun doesn't stop there with the Crystal Ballroom -- there is a brewery on site as well and many different smaller clubs within the location for more intimate performances. Around the city, what the Crystal Ballroom is probably best known for is its bouncy dance floor -- when the crowd gets going, you hardly have to dance yourself -- the floor will keep you moving!

Jimmy Mak's

Perfect for a night out with your sweetheart, Jimmy Mak's is like a jazz club from the movies -- when you walk in the door you'll fall in love with the decor, the crooning coming from the stage and the overall chill vibe of the club. Jimmy Mak's truly makes customers feel like they are involved in the show -- artists who play here interact with the audience and mingle in the crowd between sets, making the experience super personal. Music begins at 8pm, but we do suggest waiting until after 9:30 pm to arrive, which is when they kick out the kids and families!