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Exercise in Richmond, VA

Whether walking near the final resting grounds of Presidents, splashing in whitewater rapids, or utilizing its state of the art fitness centers, exercise in Richmond is definitely fun!
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X-Team Fitness Boot Camp

If you need a boot camp style workout to motivate you to get fit, check out Richmond's X-Team Fitness. It's an outdoor program that is not just great for your body, but great for your mind too, pushing you to workout harder and motivating you to go just a little further than you thought was possible. The boot camp is a six-week long commitment and they also offer full nutritional counseling and support. Be warned that the classes are all co-ed, so if nothing else, you'll be motivated to show the guys how it's done!

Dance Trance Fitness at Rigby Jig's Dance Studio

Have you heard about Dance Trance? If you love to dance, whether you're good at it or not, this is such a fun way to workout. Dance Trance is a super high-intensity dance fitness class that uses a variety of dance styles to get you in shape and moving, including hip hop, jazz, funk and more. Not the best with rhythm? They also offer a class for you to take before you do Dance Trance that helps you learn the moves so that you aren't trying to figure it out in the fast-paced class. Give it a try -- the first class is always free!

Fighting Creek Disc Golf Course

Get together a group of girlfriends or plan an a double date with your favorite couple for a day playing disc golf! You've seen those odd metal basket looking things at the park and always wondered what they are -- well, now you'll know! Disc golf involves a frisbee and is very similar to regular golf -- you tee off and have multiple changes to make it closer and closer to the goal. The course at Fighting Creek is two-miles long and no walk in the park -- this sport is challenging and fun! Don't forget to bring your own drinks and snacks, as there are no concessions at Fighting Creek.

Hollywood Cemetery

If walking is on your agenda, checkout The Hollywood Cemetery. This historic site offers both beauty and history as you can walk along the pleasant rolling hills while you view the impressive mausoleums and sculptures soldiers and presidents. You might think we're crazy for suggest a cemetery in a guide about exercise, but there's something about the calm of Hollywood Cemetery that feeds your mind and soul while you work out your body. Plus, the perfectly paved paths are nice for walking on rainy Richmond days. Just be sure to end your walk before the sun sets -- rumor is that Hollywood Cemetery is quite haunted!

James River Park

Richmond girls who live on the West End will tell you that James River Park is their absolute favorite spot to workout. With over 550-acres, the park spreads out over four gorgeous miles in the city and is filled with trails for doing some extreme, off-road running. But, the great thing about James River Park is that even though you'll feel like you're miles out of the city, you're actually just right downtown! James River Park is also home to the X-Terra Off-Road Triathlon -- does that tell you how cool this exercise spot is?