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Baby's Day Out in Salt Lake City, UT

Spending a day out with baby is easy with our top picks for Salt Lake City. Baby will enjoy spending time with other babies and learning about the big world around them.
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Hogle Zoo

Strolling around the Hogle Zoo and looking at all the animals is a great day out activity with your young children. Baby will love discovering all the animals for the first time, and getting to know the big world around them. The Hogle Zoo is stroller friendly, and if you forget your stroller or wagon, you can rent one for a small fee. Their newest exhibit, Rocky Shores, allows you to get right up close to where polar bears are swimming and interacting with zoo guests. Since its opening in 1931, the Hogle Zoo has been one of the top visited attractions in Utah. Spread over 42 acres, it is also a great way for mom to get her exercise in while entertaining baby. Take a break from walking around and ride on the zoo train. 

Ice Skating at Utah Olympic Oval

Spending a day out with baby is easy at the Utah Olympic Oval. They allow strollers on the ice, so baby can enjoy a stroller ride while mom gets exercise and has fun ice skating. Walkers are available for the child old enough to stand and skate on the ice, but may still need some assistance. They have a full concession stand, so taking a break and having lunch is easy without having to leave the facility. The Utah Olympic Oval was built for the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympic Games, and holds more olympic and world records than anywhere else. The open skate schedule is posted on their website, as well as prices and information about group rates and skating parties. 

Discovery Gateway Children's Museum

The Discovery Gateway Children's Museum is perfect for a day out with baby. Located in the Gateway Mall, there are three levels and over 60,000 square feet of hands-on fun. Their Music in Motion and Time For Tots events are perfect for babies 18 months old. The Kids Eye View area is perfect for little ones, and offers hours of entertainment, including a farm area, grocery store, play house and construction zone with large blocks. A small stream area is perfect for getting hands wet and learning about Utah's water system. The Garden is shaped like a large beehive and gives babies the chance to play with balls and watch them go up and around the tubes. 

Wheeler Farm

Babies love to be outdoors, and Wheeler Farm is a great place for them to discover the world around them. A historical farm in Murray, Wheeler Farm is still a working farm today. While there, you can milk a cow; take a wagon hay ride; see animals such as horses, ducks and cows; enjoy a picnic and play in the large play area on the South end of the parking lot. The farm is open year round, and seasonal activities can be enjoyed during any season. There are acres of open area to walk around and see what kind of animals you can find. If you want to feed the many ducks and geese wandering around, you can purchase food for them at the Activity Barn or Country Store. Historic Home tours are also available. 

Red Butte Garden

Spending the day in Red Butte Garden is a great place for a day out with baby. The pathways are stroller friendly, and the Children's Garden is a great place for the youngest children to run and play. There are many side paths that lead to great places to stop and have a picnic. Birthday parties are also available at Red Butte Garden. Babies will love sitting on the grass and listening to a summer concert. They are open year-round so you can experience the different scenery that each season brings. Babies will love spotting a squirrel, rabbit or other garden animal. Educational books for younger children can be purchased in the gift shop.