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Breakfast/Brunch In Salt Lake City, UT

A wide variety of breakfast and brunch places exist in Salt Lake City. Whether you are looking for patio dining, romantic spots, historic diners or quick spots, they can all be found here.
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Ruth's Diner

A local favorite since 1930, Ruth's Diner is located up the beautiful and historic Emigration Canyon. In the early days it was located in downtown Salt Lake City, until 1949 when Ruth bought a Salt Lake trolley car and moved it up Emigration Canyon, where it still sits today. Enjoy dining on the patio in the warmer months, and an inside dining room when the weather is a bit colder. The breakfast menu consists of classic Ruth favorites such as breakfast burritos, huevos rancheros, salmon benedict, corned beef hash, omelettes, and even vegan selections. Lighter selections include pecan cinnamon roll french toast, buttermilk pancakes, granola and banana walnut french toast. Beginning in April and ending in October, you can enjoy music while you dine. Ruth's Diner was recently featured on the national television show "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives". 

Gourmandise - The Bakery

Known to locals as "The Bakery", Gourmandise The Bakery is a great place to get a quick breakfast or brunch. Family owned for over twenty years, The Bakery offers a wide variety of breakfast pastries and traditional favorites. With their free Wi-Fi service, it is a great place for a morning meeting. Their more popular breakfast pastries include apple cinnamon baked custard french toast, breakfast croissant sandwich, creme brulee oats, muffins, scones, cinnamon bread and quiche. The Bakery is a great place to order food for a group meeting. With their order ahead service, you can stop by and pick up breakfast for your entire group. The Bakery staff will also assist you in taking your to go order to your vehicle if needed. Their "Hug In A Box" is a popular gift item that will brighten anybody's day. Make sure to ask about their seasonal and holiday treats. 

Over The Counter Cafe

Known as "The Best Omelette In Town", the Over The Counter Cafe is a favorite place for traditional breakfast and brunch food. With the kitchen located in the middle of the restaurant, you will enjoy watching the chef cook and prepare your meal with care. Because of its relaxed and friendly atmosphere, this is a great place when dining with young children. The most popular breakfast and brunch items include their bread pudding, Greek omelette, eggs cooked to order and french toast. Their pancake sandwich is a must try, and consists of two pancakes, two eggs and two pieces of bacon. Be advised that they only accept cash as a payment, and do have an ATM located in the dining room. Known as a "Mom-And-Pop" style restaurant, their food has that homemade appeal to it. 

The Park Cafe

Located across the street from Liberty Park in Salt Lake City, The Park Cafe is a popular place for breakfast or brunch before spending the day at the park, or after your morning jog. Their biscuits and gravy are as good as homemade, and the Pancake Sandwich is a local favorite. Because The Park Cafe is well-known throughout Salt Lake City, there can sometimes be a wait. While waiting for your table, you will be served fresh coffee until your table becomes available. Because of the cafe being in an old home, you get the feeling that you are having breakfast at home with good friends. The dining on the porch provides a great view of Liberty Park while you eat. 

The DoDo

Located across the street from beautiful Sugarhouse Park, The DoDo has been a local favorite since 1981. Their award winning pastry chef, Ramon Montelongo, has been serving up favorites for over twenty years. Many patrons enjoy dessert for breakfast with their award winning pastries selections. Their coconut caramel coffee cake a la mode is a popular choice for regulars. Free Wi-Fi service and patio dining make this a popular place for meeting friends. Favorite breakfast and brunch favorites include quiche, pastries, eggs, and a full bar during brunch. Upon arrival, you are presented with a blueberry muffin as you are seated. Breakfast and brunch are not served on weekday; only on Saturdays and Sundays.