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Families will love visiting Salt Lake City with all of its family-friendly activities. Enjoy planetariums, zoos, historical sites, pioneer activities and floating in The Great Salt Lake.
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Salt Lake Temple Square

Historical Temple Square is the number one tourist destination in Salt Lake City. When the pioneers from The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints arrived here in 1847, they immediately began building the downtown area and temple square area. Free tours of the gardens and buildings are available year round. Temple Square includes historical buildings such as the Joseph Smith Memorial Building (formerly known as Hotel Utah), The Beehive House, The Lion House, Assembly Hall, The Tabernacle, The Church Office Buiding, Visitors Centers and Conference Center. Enjoy lunch at The Lion House or the Nauvoo Cafe. Because a Trax station is located near the south entrance, you will not have to worry about finding a parking place. 

Great Salt Lake

Travelers come from all over the world to float in The Great Salt Lake. It is the only remainder of the once spacious Lake Bonneville that covered most of Utah thousands of years ago. On the south side of the lake during the summer, learn all about the history of the "Coney Island Of The West" that once resided here. You can find all of the historic information inside the Saltair building. Take a sailboat ride, climb Black Rock, or spend the day building sandcastles and trying to float in The Great Salt Lake. Because of its high salt content, it is said that you cannot sink. People come from all over the world to try it out and proclaim that they "floated in The Great Salt Lake".

Bingham Copper Mine

One of the only manmade objects seen from outer space, the Bingham Copper Mine has produced more copper than any mine in history, and is the second largest copper producer in the country. It is one of the few open pit mines in existence in the world today, and is nearly two miles at the top and three-fourths of a mile deep. Children will enjoy seeing the large house-sized trucks hauling dirt and minerals from the mine. The visitors center is open April through October, weather permitting. There you will learn all about the every day items we use that contain copper, and what it takes to get copper from the mine into your homes. View a model of the growth of the mine in the last one hundred years. All admission fees and money spent at the gift shop is donated to local charities. 

Heber Valley Railroad

The Heber Valley Railroad started operation in 1899 when the pioneers settled in the area. Known since the 1970s as the "Heber Creeper", it has been a tourist train for visitors from all over the world. Throughout the year they hold special events such as Thomas The Train, Haunted Railways, North Pole Express, Zip Line Adventure, Tube n' Train, Cowboy Poetry Express, Fiddlers n' Fireworks and Comedy Murder Mystery. Located just East of Salt Lake City in beautiful Heber Valley, this is a perfect day trip when visiting Salt Lake City. Choose from many different excursions, depending on how much time you have to spend. If you enjoy horseback riding, the Reins n' Trains is the perfect excursion for you. The Heber Valley Railroad has been featured in many motion pictures and television shows over the years. 

Natural History Museum of Utah

Newly built in 2012, the Natural History Museum of Utah offers five floors of adventure and discovery, and is quickly becoming the most talked about favorite places for tourists in Salt Lake City. Choose from four different exploratory themes using your smart phone, or just browse through the museum on your own. Starting at the top floor is the preferred way to explore, then work your way down. The Natural History Museum of Utah sits atop the East bench of Salt Lake City, and provides beautiful views and sunsets. While at the museum, learn about The Great Salt Lake, the Native Americans that once roamed this land, gems and minerals, past worlds and the future of Utah. 

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