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Free Activities in Salt Lake City, UT

Leave your wallet at home when you set out to explore one of the many fun and free establishments in Salt Lake City. Your checking account can thank us later.
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Treasure Hunt at Old Saltair

Once known as the "Coney Island Of The West," all that remains now are remnants and traces of what used to be.  The building known as Saltair today is located two miles West of where this once popular lake resort once stood. During the "Big Band Era," groups such as Glenn Miller marked the "largest dance floor in the nation" at Saltair as a must-stop on their tour. The old rollercoaster and carousel are long gone, but their memories still remain. As you walk out onto the beach you can see the frames and traces of where they once stood. Dishes still remain in the sand from the Ship Cafe that perished in a tragic fire in the 1920s. Pull out the cover of an old Beach Boys album, and you will see them standing on pillars in front of the once magestic Saltair; you can still go out and stand on those pillars today, but instead of a magestic building in the background, you will only see the frame of what it used to be. 

Gilgal Sculpture Garden

Once a family's backyard dream, the Gilgal Sculpture Garden is now a community park unlike any other. Nestled in between houses, if you are not looking for this garden you would never know it was there. With twelve original sculptures and over seventy engraved stones, it is the only identified "visionary art environment" in Utah. Kids of all ages will enjoy discovering this new and exciting place.  Bring a picnic lunch, a blanket, and discover "Salt Lake's hidden secret."

Fort Douglas War Museum

Fort Douglas War Museum is a great place to learn about the early history of military life in Salt Lake. Originally a military camp, it evolved into a military fort, and today is a historic landmark and military resource center. Visitors can view artifacts found at Fort Douglas, as well as Camp Floyd (located about 45 miles of Salt Lake City), such as keys, bottles,  and old baseballs. Seeing this items, you can almost picture them throwing the ball during their leisure time. Also on display is Saddam Hussein's boots. A Utah soldier was present when Saddam Hussein was pulled out of his foxhole in December 2003, and he brought them home to Utah to display at Fort Douglas. Outside you will learn about different types of military vehicles. They always have special events going on depending on what time of year you visit.

Sweet's Candy Factory Tour

Take a look inside what it's like to make candy at the Sweet's Candy Factory tour. Learn how taffy is made and take a sample fresh off of the line. Learn the history of Sweet's Candy Factory and how it began and evolved into the candy we know and love today. You will also be able to view the workers in action as they make the chocolate and other candies. Learn each step the candy goes through before it is sent to the stores to be sold. Each candy is carefully inspected, weighed, packaged and shipped out for sale.

Utah State Capitol Tours

Tour the Utah State Capitol and learn about how the Utah government is run. Tours are given at the beginning of every hour Monday through Friday beginning at 9:00am and ending with the last tour at 4:00pm. You are welcome to pick up a brochure for a self-guided tour, or enjoy the history and information from a tour guide. Your tour will start in the East lobby, where you will be guided through each part of the building, learning about the art and architecture along the way. You will also learn about the history of Utah and how it became the forty-fifth state in 1896. Beginning in 1999, the capitol buiding went through a renovation and seismic upgrade. On this tour you will learn the unique construction it went through to ensure it survives the massive earthquake that is predicted to hit along the Wasatch Fault in the upcoming years.