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Shopping in Salt Lake City, UT

There are two things a girl needs in life: chocolate and shopping. Thankfully, Salt Lake City has oodles of unique shops to satisfy that shopping urge.
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The Gateway

When you just need to go to a mall, don't choose a stuffy indoor one!  Head downtown to The Gateway, a breezy, open air mall with contemporary design and an uplifting atmosphere. Spend your afternoon strolling along the clean, tree-lined streets and wandering in and out of the more than 130 shops and restaurants. Stop by the Olympic Legacy Plaza, which showcases a beautiful water feature, often choreographed to music. If you time your visit right, you may stumble on a free outdoor concert, parade, chalk festival or street performers. Doesn't that sound like a much more exciting shopping experience than your typical mall day?

Retro Rose

Are you a retro gal? Does your heart beat a little faster when you see '50s, '60s and '70s fashion and dinnerware? Then leave the children at home (believe us!) and dedicate an hour or two to treasure hunting in this delightful blast from the past shop. Filled floor to ceiling with dishes, glasses, clothing, knick knacks and a whole host of different items, Retro Rose is a sight for vintage eyes. Items are arranged by color, which makes shopping here even more fun, as you find yourself drawn to a certain section based on the colors you love. Find the perfect green goblet, blue bowl, purple platter and more to fill your house and closet!

Second Hand Chic

Do you have that friend whose house is always full of unique gems? Or the friend who is always sporting something she "thrifted?" Have you ever had the desire to embark on your own thrifting adventure, only to come up empty handed? Serious thrifting is not for the faint of heart. You have to have creativity and the ability to see beauty in an otherwise abandoned and neglected item. But when you shop at Second Hand Chic, you'll be surprised at how attractive "previously loved" items can be. The shop is filled with second hand items that are already cute -- no need to look deeper for the hidden beauty. And the prices are amazingly affordable -- you won't be able to justify leaving empty handed!  

Gardner Village

Even if you don't feel like buying anything (can that ever happen?), Gardner Village is the perfect place to spend a day with your mom, sisters or girlfriends. The "Village" in Gardner Village's name is an accurate description. As you meander through the brick walkways lined with flowers or cross over the quaint, covered bridge connecting the specialty shops, notice the creative ways the buildings have been restored. All shops are housed in restored cabins and buildings dating from pioneer times. The old buildings add a certain appeal to the shopping experience. You'll find one-of-a-kind items, from antique and modern furniture, to fashionable clothing, to yummy sweets, to beautiful fabric and all sorts of knick knacks in the unique, welcoming shops.

Trolley Square

Let's face it. Sometimes the idea of going to an indoor mall can make your toes curl. Maneuvering between the texting teens and the fast paced mall walkers can leave you feeling like you're a participant in an obstacle course. But sometimes you just don't know what you're looking for, and you really need to be in a place with a variety of stores. You're in luck if you're in Salt Lake City, because you won't have to go to the same ol' mall. You can find the variety of shops you're looking for, but discover new treasures in an old building. Trolley Square is actually converted trolley carbarns. Exploring the unique building is an experience all on its own. While there, you'll see a few familiar stores, but you'll find more local shops with a boutique feel than the big chain stores crowding the malls in Anytown, USA.