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Dog's Day Out in San Antonio, TX

Your dog is tired of being cooped up in the same backyard day after day. Enjoy dog's day out in San Antonio at these pet-friendly restaurants, bars and other spots.
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Brackenridge Park

Though many parks are located throughout the city San Antonio, you can't miss Brackenridge Park. This 343-acre urban park is home to the San Antonio Zoo, Brackenridge Eagle miniature train for kids, a golf course, public art, recreation center, and many jogging, hiking and biking trails. Dogs on leashes are allowed throughout the park (not at the zoo or golf course) and owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. If you are looking for a fantastic destination to spend a sunny San Antonio afternoon with your dog, Brackenridge Park offers plenty of places to explore.

Market Square

Rich in Mexican culture, Market Square is a large marketplace located in a three-square block area in downtown San Antonio. Market Square consists of the Farmer's Market Plaza, housing various shops and food courts; Produce Row, home to galleries, stores, restaurants and the famous Mi Tierra Cafe & Bakery; and El Mercado, the largest Mexican marketplace outside of Mexico. Many outdoor festivals take place in Market Square, where you can experience culture music, food and shopping. The outdoor areas at Market Square are pet-friendly, as long as your dog is leashed and waste is cleaned up. If you bring your dog to Market Square, be sure that he is comfortable around large crowds, loud noise and other animals.

Cappy's Restaurant & Bar

Located in the Alamo Heights area, Cappy's is a San Antonio treasure. Here, you can find amazing food, ranging from prime rib and beef tenderloin to gumbo and catfish. This eatery offers a huge wine list, spectacular desserts, a great Sunday brunch menu and a fantastic outdoor patio, where well-behaved dogs are allowed. Of course, your dog must be leashed and should be up-to-date on his shots. The Cappy's patio is also shared with the adjacent Cappycino's bar. Parking can be hard to find and you may have a wait without reservations, but the food and the atmosphere make it worth it.

Bass Pro Shops' Outdoor World

Though most people know that you can take your dogs to various pet stores, many don't realize that some sporting goods shops, home improvement stores and other retailers allow you to bring your dogs in the store while you shop too. If you are an outdoorsman, then you have certainly heard of Bass Pro Shops. Most of these stores, including the one at the Rim Shopping Center on the northside of San Antonio, welcome well-mannered, leashed dogs. The store itself is pretty comprehensive, offering fishing and camping gear, sporting goods, boating equipment, clothing and much more. Your dog might be distracted by the mounted animals on the walls.

Crumpets Restaurant and Bakery

Crumpets is considered one of the best restaurants in the Alamo City and has been voted on of Esquire's 100 best restaurants in the country. Nestled among the oak trees, ponds and waterfalls, Crumpets serves salads, pasta, seafood, chicken, beef and other delicious foods. Eating at the outdoor tables is a must in order to enjoy the relaxing, beautiful setting. Fortunately, well-behaved, leashed dogs are allowed at the outdoor tables too and they'll even bring your canine friend a bowl for water. Crumpets is open for lunch and dinner every day and brunch on Sunday. They also offer live entertainment on Friday and Saturday evenings, as well as Sunday afternoons. You can't skip dessert while at Crumpets. Their bakery is considered one of the best in the city.