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Gyms/Group Classes in San Antonio, TX

Get fit and have fun in San Antonio. Whether you are looking for an uptempo Zumba class, a relaxing yoga class or something in between, you'll find it at these San Antonio gyms and group classes.
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Performing Arts Conservatory of Texas


If you are interested in taking a ballet class, there's no place better in San Antonio than the Performing Arts Conservatory of Texas. Their adult ballet classes start out with the basics but gradually advance in complexity. Whether you've taken ballet classes as a child or you're new to ballet, these classes are well worth your time. At the official website for the Performing Arts Conservatory of Texas, you can find a calendar of classes, a description of what is offered and information on what you need to bring to the classes. Their studio is located on the far north side of town, near the city of Bulverde.


Synergy Studio


The highest rated pilates classes in town are at Synergy Studio. While they have a number of other classes including yoga, Zumba, hoop dance and African dance, it's their pilates classes that sets them apart. If you are new to pilates, their Introduction to Mat Pilates is a fabulous way to learn all the basics. Once you complete that course, you can move on and join their more advanced pilates classes. To try out one of their classes, you simply have to pay their drop-in rate of $15. If you enjoy it, you can purchase a monthly membership that is good for unlimited classes for only $160.


Casa Ritmo


The Zumba craze has taken over the fitness scene in San Antonio. While there are a lot of quality options for Zumba classes in the city, we recommend Casa Ritmo. Located in Castle Hills, Casa Ritmo specializes in Zumba and other forms of Latin dance. The instructors here are always energetic and very technically sound. Classes start at only $10. Better yet, your first class is free! If you enjoy the first class, there are a variety of membership packages available. With a half dozen different type of Zumba classes to choose from, Casa Ritmo will have you grooving and getting fit in no time.


Soft Sensuous Moves


Pole dancing has moved out of seedy clubs and into the fitness spotlight. At Soft Sensuous Moves, you can learn the art of pole dancing in a group class setting. While it may look easy, pole dancing actually takes a lot of strength, stamina and balance. Soft Sensuous Moves offers a variety of different classes -- each for a specific skill level and focus. If you are new to pole dancing, their beginner course gives you a fun introduction and eases you into the process of making the pole your best friend. Prices start at just $15 for a single class.


Yoga Sanctuary


Though yoga classes are quite common in San Antonio, nobody does Yoga quite like Yoga Sanctuary. The number of classes they offer is amazing -- from Yoga for Beginners to Yoga Hip Hop. With nine different yoga instructors who each have their own specialty, Yoga Sanctuary is the ultimate destination for a yogi. The drop-in rate is just $20. To take a class, just show up 10 minutes early to fill out the paperwork and meet your instructor. If you enjoy your class, monthly memberships start at around $100. The studio is located in the north section of San Antonio, adjacent to the Dominion.