Winter Activities » San Antonio, TX

Winter Activities in San Antonio, TX

Leave your parka at home. The San Antonio winter weather is mild enough to enjoy festivals, cultural events, family attractions and other outdoor activities.
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River Walk Mud Festival

Each January, the River Walk Mud Festival celebrates the draining of the San Antonio River for maintenance by the city. It sounds like a weird reason to celebrate and it certainly is. However, it's a lot of fun! The festival features the Mud Crawl, the Mud Pie Ball, the Mud Corononation of the King & Queen, the Mud River Parade, an Arts & Craft Show, parties and more. During the festival, city and media personalities compete to see who can raise the most money for the San Antonio River Association. The winners become the King and Queen and act as ambassadors throughout the year. You'll love the Mud Crawl. The bars and restaurants along the River Walk host fun games and contests. The beer is cheap and the food is good.

Annual Asian Festival

Each February, the annual Asian Festival takes place at the Institute of Texan Cultures in downtown San Antonio. The festival showcases cuisine, music, dance, crafts, botanicals, martial arts and other activities from more than a dozen countries in the Far East including China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and more. The festival celebrates the Chinese New Year and many other aspects of Asian culture in Texas. Kids really love this festival more than you can imagine, especially the dragon dance, henna painting and the food. You can also shop for unique craft items, dolls, artwork and other gifts. Buy your tickets in advance at all HEB stores rather than at the gate for a discount.

Art in the Garden

Many people visit the San Antonio Botanical Garden in the springtime. However, you shouldn't miss the special events and displays that take place during the winter months too. Because San Antonio winters are mild, you'll find many gorgeous flowers in bloom even in the coldest months. Don't miss Art in the Garden. Unique sculptures are brought in the San Antonio Botanical Garden and can viewed throughout the winter. The Garden also has special winter activities at the holidays, Dog Days in January, Chocolate Day in February and many other events that you will enjoy. Dog Days weekend is especially enjoyable for families. Visitors bring their pooches to the Garden for a day of fun that benefits the Animal Defense League, San Antonio Human Society and other charities.

Contemporary Art Month

At the tail end of winter, you must experience Contemporary Art Month in March. This month-long San Antonio celebration features more than 400 exhibitions at more than 50 venues around the city. The events take place at studios, galleries and museums, large and small, as well as in neighborhoods, schools, restaurants and stores. For over 25 years, Contemporary Art Month has been taking place in the Alamo City and it's still going strong. The goal is to promote San Antonio artists through a fantastic series of exhibits and programs. Many of the events are free, so be sure to check out their website at to make plans to hit up as many of the exhibitions as possible throughout the month.

Free Family Morning Movie

You hear that nothing's free anymore but it's not true! In San Antonio, your family can head to the movies for free every Saturday morning. At the Santikos Rialto Bistro theater, they offer a specially selected family movie with free admission each and every Saturday at 10:00 a.m. The Rialto is a beautifully renovated theater in classic Hollywood style. Admission is free to everyone on a first come, first served basis. Plus, what's cool is that the restaurant at the theater serves unlimited pancakes for only $3.99 per person. If you don't spend enough time with your family in the winter, Saturday morning at the movies can be a great way to get together.