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Coffee Shops in San Diego, CA

Whether you're there for the caffeine pick-me-up, the atmosphere or the Wi-Fi, don't miss these ten great coffee shops in San Diego.
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The Living Room Coffee House, La Jolla

The Living Room in La Jolla is a great place to grab a cup of coffee and relax without feeling pressured to leave after a certain amount of time. You can enjoy your coffee (and dessert, if you're so inclined) while working or just hanging out. The prices and the coffee are both good, so it's a win-win! If you sit toward the back, you can enjoy a view of the water, or if people watching is your thing, the front patio is the place for you.

Caffé Calabria

Caffé Calabria brings you a genuine and truly satisfying coffee experience. The coffee beans are roasted onsite, resulting in an incredibly fresh and perfectly crafted cup of joe. Fifteen years ago, founder Ame Holt set out for the perfect cup of coffee. The end result: Caffé Calabria. The espresso comes highly recommended, and a recent change has resulted in a dinner menu and later hours (except on Monday and Tuesday -- check the website). Caffé Calabria's website boasts that you'll get the best coffee on the west coast there. It's worth trying!

Lestat's Coffee Shop

Lestat's Coffee House features amazing coffee and even better, it's open 24 hours a day. While Lestat's is more than just a coffee shop (it features stand up comedy on Saturday nights), it's known for its coffee. Enjoy your freshly made brew while you relax on a big couch or armchair among friendly company, even if you don't technically know them -- Lestat's Coffee House has a reputation for being full of friendly customers. If you're there to work or surf the 'net, you can do it on free Wi-Fi. Note that you might have to hunt for parking, but it's well worth the effort.

Claire de Lune Coffee Lounge

Claire de Lune Coffee Lounge, in the North Park neighborhood of San Diego, is part coffee shop, part "community center." This makes it the perfect place to grab your favorite caffeinated beverage and relax in the big, comfy chairs. Locals recommend the lattes, but the friendly baristas can make your favorite coffee drink. Note that Claire de Lune does not have Wi-Fi, something that many regulars actually appreciate, but not for you if you need Internet access while you drink your java!

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters serves nothing but the best to San Diego coffee lovers. From their carefully selected coffee beans to the fantastic coffee served at their espresso bar, you can expect absolute quality. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters carefully chooses their coffee beans and purchase fair trade -- always with an eye toward social responsibility. Additionally, beans are roasted in small batches and are fresh. The friendly staff and live music on the weekends make Bird Rock Coffee Roasters a local favorite.