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Satisfy your sweet tooth with some of the best desserts in San Francisco, CA, from colorful mochi to sweet Belgin waffles.
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Christopher Elbow Artisanal Chocolates

Christopher Elbow Artisanal Chocolates is a high-end chocolate boutique equipped with extravagant bite-sized sweets and an ultra modern lounge where you can enjoy your confections. Like mini works of art, these tiny bites of heaven are perfect for making an elegant impression, whether you’re trying to score points with your boss or are planning the wedding of your dreams. But, the decadent goodness doesn’t stop at chocolate candies; you can enjoy a selection of hot chocolate and mocha beverages on their own or to accompany your sweets. Overall, picking up a Venezuelan Spice or Rum Raisin promises not to do you wrong, but ask for a sample to find your favorite.

Kara's Cupcakes

Made with organic ingredients and delicious to boot, it’s easy to forget that Kara’s Cupcakes have any calories at all! Whether you opt for unique flavors such as passion fruit or S’mores, or stick with the old school classics like sweet vanilla or sweet chocolate, the moist cupcakes are sure to win your heart. Be sure to allow time for a fresh cup of Joe, crafted by French Press and a great pairing with the cupcakes. Seating is available both inside and outside the shop, located in Ghirardelli Square. And, note that the confectionery will only validate parking if you spend $20 or more.

Bloem 'n Sugar Belgian Waffles

Whether you’re already in the shopping center or have to venture to get there, don’t let another dessert pass you by before trying a Bloem ‘n Sugar Belgian Waffle. Made fresh to order and adorned by a variety of toppings of your choosing, you can enjoy it in the eatery or they will pack the waffles, ice cream, and toppings separately to maintain its crispness. This hidden gem can be hard to find -- it is located across from Starbucks near BART. Bloem ‘n Sugar serves up this extra crispy and sweet treat in large portions, so bring along a waffle buddy to help you gobble down this delicious dessert.

Crepe Temptations

Located in Outer Sunset, Crepe Temptations is a build-your-own dessert oasis. From sweet toppings to savory fillings, the combinations are endless. Plus, you get to choose your own crepe flavor, which wraps up your ingredients in a cone shape so you can enjoy this French-style dessert on the go. You can also opt to stay and take advantage of the free Wi-Fi! Don't miss their other desserts that are also available in the spirit of the build-your-own concept, including ice cream sandwiches. Loyal customers of Crepe Temptations are rewarded, so pick up a stamp card to earn some free sweets!

Dianda's Italian American Pastry

With moderate prices and efficient service, this Italian bakery offers your taste buds a little slice of the famous boot-shaped European country. From custard creme cake to almond torte, you’re sure to find something on the spot, but custom pre-orders are also an option if you choose to plan ahead. It just wouldn’t be right if you left an Italian bakery without a cannoli -- they are pre-filled but none the less tasty. Although there is no place to sit and enjoy your sweet treats within the bakery, it’s likely you’ll gobble down your dessert before you reach your car. Street parking can be difficult, so give yourself some extra time if swinging in to pick up an Italian dessert for an event.