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Bookstores in Seattle, WA

Whether you're looking for a big name bookstore in Seattle or that tiny, independent spot filled with unique books, we've got you covered. Try visiting these ten Seattle bookstores the next time you need a new read.
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Elliott Bay Book Company

With a brand-new location on Capitol Hill, Elliott Bay Book Company is a Seattle staple. Coming to Elliott Bay Books is more of an experience than a chore -- this is the type of bookstore where you come and spend hours browsing their vast variety of books, enjoy a cup of coffee and pastrie in their cafe, and then widdle down your final purchases before heading home. Although their space is big, Elliott Bay Books doesn't have every single book in the world, so don't hold them to the same expectations you'd have for a big-box bookstore -- but, trust us when we say that you'll love it here far more.

Queen Anne Books

Tucked back off of bustling Queen Anne Avenue North, Queen Anne Books is a local bookstore that this popular Seattle neighborhood would probably like to keep to themselves. The space is small and filled with books of all kinds, but unlike other small bookstores, you won't feel claustrophobic or cramped while browsing for that perfect read. Not sure what you want to read? Be sure to ask one of the kind staff members -- they always have the perfect recommendation. Be sure to keep an eye on their monthly Staff Book Reviews on the Queen Anne Books website -- they are extreamely helpful!

Third Place Books

We're fairly certain that Third Place Books, located just north of Seattle in Lake Forest Park, has every book imaginable -- their selection is fantastic and is the perfect mix of both new and used books. It will take you about 20-minutes from downtown Seattle to get to Third Place Books, but it's well worth the drive to spend some time exploring here -- be sure to peek into every little nook and cranny of this store! Third Place Books also has a wonderful children's and young adults' section, so this can easily be a family outing. Once you're picked your book, go to the Honey Bear Bakery, located next door, for a treat.

Ravenna Third Place Books

Best known as the little sister to Third Place Books, the Ravenna Third Place Books location is certainly lovely enough to stand on its own. Located in the charming Ravenna neighborhood, this bookstore is a fantastic example of a community bookstore -- people walk here from their homes to browse through the new arrivals, stop in the attatched cafe for a glass of wine while they enjoy their newest purchase and stop by regularly for readings by local authors. Another gold star to Ravenna Third Place Books for carrying both new and used selections.

University Book Store

Far more than your average college bookstore, University Book Store not only offers college textbooks and supplys for nearby University of Washington, but they also carry a great variety of adult fiction and non-fiction, children's books and gifts. Parking in the U-District can be a pain, but they do have a parking lot in back to try before trolling the streets for a spot. Looking for science fiction and fantasy books? University Book Store is known to have the best selection in town!