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Coffee Shops in Seattle, WA

One of the first things that comes to mind when you think about Seattle is Starbucks, the coffee empire, so naturally, there are amazing coffee shops in this city. Here are ten that you must try for your caffeine fix.
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Starbucks Coffee Company

With over 400 locations in Seattle (yes -- 400!), it's impossible to pick one Starbucks location to feature in our top ten list. Seattle is home to this coffee giant and there is literally a Starbucks on every corner -- in fact, it's not rare in Seattle to be sitting in one Starbucks location and be able to see a different Starbucks location outside the window. If you want to visit one of the busiest Starbucks spots, head to Seattle's University Village -- this location is always bustling and has recently been remodeled to be a "green" store. The original Starbucks location is located in Pike's Place Market -- they even have the first mermaid sign still hanging.

Bauhaus Books & Coffee

If you're looking for a place to get coffee into the wee hours of the morning, Bauhaus Books and Coffee on Seattle's Capitol Hill is your late-night caffeine fix. Bauhaus is popular with students -- especially from neighboring Seattle University -- because they will let you sit and linger over a cup of brew while you do your endless studying. Bauhaus also has great events to enjoy, such as their popular movie nights -- keep your eye on their Facebook page for the most up-to-date information on what's going on.

Muse Coffee Company

Imagine a coffee shop that is chic and full of innovative art, but with comfortable spots to sit with friend and actually good coffee -- what you're just imagined is Muse Coffee Company, located on the edge of Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood. Muse is tucked in a residential area of Queen Anne, making it a favorite for people who can walk there for a weekend morning latte. Not only is the coffee at Muse delicious, but the baristas are super friendly, they have delicious desserts to nibble on and there are tables outside for when the sun is shining. Muse is also a great spot to bring your laptop and set up at a table to work for the afternoon -- WiFi is free, naturally!

Victrola Coffee Roasters

Not just a coffee shop, but a coffee roaster as well, Victrola Coffee Roasters is a Seattle coffee drinker's haven. Even with three locations in the city -- E Pike Street, Beacon Hill and 15th Avenue E -- Victrola is still always host to a full-house of coffee drinkers. Victrola is perfect for a spot to bring that book you can't put down and sit on a cozy old chair to relax on a rainy Seattle day -- they are happy to let you linger and have pastries to keep you full while you laze. For the truly coffee obsessed, Victrola also offers weekly coffee tastings, called Cuppings, where you can sample different types of coffee and learn about the roasting process from the professionals.

Uptown Espresso

Uptown Espresso, a Seattle favorite, is known for more than just their delicious coffee, but also for their yummy, signature Velvet Foam. Uptown has nine locations in Seattle, including a new shop opening in the Magnolia neighborhood in late 2011, and has quite the following of Seattle coffee drinkers who start their day with a latte from Uptown -- there's something about that luxurious velvet foam that is perfect on a cloudy Seattle morning!  The pastries at Uptown Espresso are also worth mentioning -- they are all house-made at Uptown's Queen Anne location, so they're always fresh and delicious.