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Dog's Day Out in Seattle, WA

Despite its strict leash-laws, Seattle is a very dog-friendly city, especially considering they are home to the University of Washington Huskies! You and your dog will love these pet-friendly spots.
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Ballard Farmers Market

If you and your dog are looking for something fun to do on a Sunday morning, check out the Ballard Farmers Market. The market is open year round, even in the worst of weather and operates from 10am until 3pm every Sunday. Owners will love picking up some fresh flowers for the house -- huge, gorgeous bouquets are just $15 -- and some dinner ingredients from local vendors. Dogs will love checking out other dog visitors and sniffing out fruit and vegetable leftovers that have fallen on the ground. There are usually a handful of pet related booths, depending on the time of year you visit, but all the vendors and shoppers are welcoming to dogs at the market.

Alki Beach

If you're a dog, there's probably nothing better than a day at the beach with your owner doing a little wave romping and stick chasing. Unfortunately, the leash laws and beach laws are strict in Seattle, but dogs can still have fun exploring at Alki Beach in West Seattle. The boardwalk that goes the entire length of the beach is perfect for a pooch who loves to run along side while you bike, rollerblade or run -- it's usually filled with dogs, strollers and bikes on warm days. After some exercise and sunshine, grab a coffee at the dog-friendly Tully's, across the street from the water or sit outside with some fish n' chips at SPUDS. You can even take your pup on the water taxi from downtown to West Seattle! 

Barking Dog Alehouse

With a name like The Barking Dog Alehouse, there's no doubt that this is a dog-friendly restaurant! The Barking Dog is the best place to take your pup on one of Seattle's gorgeous days -- they have a back patio where dogs are welcome to lay under the tables while their owners enjoy an amazing menu and some delicious brew. The tri-tip steak salad is a must if you're having lunch or dinner -- be nice and sneak a little piece of steak down to your four-legged dining companion! There are generally a lot of young kids at The Barking Dog, so if your pup isn't keen on some friendly ear tugging, you may want to skip this one. 

Beveridge Place Pub

Although they don't advertise themselves as a dog-friendly bar, Beveridge Place Pub in West Seattle is certainly known as one to locals. If you're in having a beer off their extensive menu, it will be odd to see a table without a dog waiting patiently for their owner. Be sure to check out the Back Bar where you can make yourself at home on an antique sofa while visiting with friends. Come hungry? Beveridge will offer you a menu of local restaurants that will deliver to the pub or you're welcome to bring meals from home to enjoy!  Please note that Beveridge Place Pub is restricted to age 21 and over.

Green Lake Park

Green Lake is one of Seattle's best known and beloved outdoor locations for dogs and their owners. The lake is famous for its paved 2.8-mile path that is ideal for dog-walking. Dogs of all kinds will be spotted at Green Lake -- from labs running with their owners to teacup yorkies being pushed in doggie strollers. Green Lake is also a great place to take a puppy that is learning to interact with other people and dogs. If you have a dog that can't stand staying away from the water, Green Lake might not be the place for you -- dogs are not allowed to splash or swim in the lake at any time.