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Live Entertainment Venues in Seattle, WA

It's not surprising that this musical city has so many amazing live entertainment venues. In Seattle, you'll find everything from huge arenas to intimate theaters to outdoor amphitheaters for watching a live show.
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The Crocodile

You absolutely can't deny that The Crocodile is one of the best live music venues in Seattle -- it just re-opened its doors after being closed for a few years and The Croc is better than ever -- they've upgraded the lights, sound, stage and bar so that the music is what shines. There's something about coming to a show at The Crocodile that makes it feel 100-times more authentic -- the history behind this venue is incredible, being host to bands of the past such as Pearl Jam, Nirvana, REM and Cheap Trick. Bonus point to The Crocodile for also being dedicated to featuring local bands as often as possible and for keeping ticket prices low, even for the big shows.

Key Arena

When the big shows come to town, it's likely that they'll be playing at the Key Arena, or just The Key, as it's known to Seattle locals. The Key Arena used to be home to Seattle's beloved Seattle Super Sonics, but now it is one of Seattle's best places to catch some entertainment. The cool thing about seeing a show at The Key is that it's designed to hold a huge crowd, so there is no pushing and shoving to get a good seat, parking spot or ticket here, like at some of the smaller venues. Keep an eye on their Facebook page as well where they often announce big shows and hold free ticket contests!

Tractor Tavern

One of the hottest live music venues in one of the Seattle's hottest neighborhoods, Ballard, the Tractor Tavern hosts shows almost every night of the week. Seattle-ites love coming to The Tractor for so many reasons -- the cheap tallboy PBRs, the friendly staff and bartenders, the chilled water coolers on the sides of the bar for keeping hydrated and that every spot at The Tractor gives you an awesome view of the stage. Gals -- beware -- the bathroom at The Tractor is teeny tiny!

The Triple Door

Tucked in Downtown Seattle, underneath one of the city's best restaurants, Wild Ginger, The Triple Door is a fantastic place to watch a show. With old-style high-back rounded booths, The Triple Door feels intimate and cozy, like you're at a private preformance, rather than at a concert with hundreds of other fans. There are actually two venues inside The Triple Door -- the main stage where national touring acts visit while they're in Seattle and the Musicquarium, a lounge-style venue for local acts. Don't forget to come hungry to either venue -- you can order from the Wild Ginger menu upstairs!

Paramount Theatre

One of Seattle's coolest and oldest live entertainment venues is the Paramount Theatre, located in Downtown Seattle. Seattle locals and tourists alike know the Paramount from it's huge marquee sign that hangs on the side of the building and glows in blue and gold -- in fact, they recently raised money to replace the Paramount sign with a "green" version that will save more energy -- so true to Seattle-style! The Paramount is host to all kinds of live shows including concerts, plays, musicals and more.