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Local Flavor Edition in Seattle, WA

With so many dining options in Seattle, it's hard to know which ones are worth trying and which ones should be passed up. Here is a comprehensive list of favorite local Seattle restaurants.
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Homegrown is Seattle's newest and hottest sandwich shop that is known for it's huge wall sized menu board and focus on substainability. Locals who work in the busy Fremont neighborhood know that this is the best spot to pick up lunch and try to sneak out of the office a bit before noon to beat the line that forms at Homegrown. The crab cake, bacon and avocado sandwich is served warm and feels almost too good to have for lunch. Seating at Homegrown is limited, so considering taking your lunch to go and sitting across the street to check out the boats coming in to the lake under the Fremont Bridge. 

Portage Bay Cafe

Located near the University of Washington, it would be easy to miss Portage Bay Cafe unless you worked in the little pocket of offices near South Lake Union. The breakfasts at Portage Bay are the star -- especially the specialty pancakes, french toasts and waffles and the fantastic 'topping bar' where they offer huge gorgeous bowls of fresh fruits, berries, nuts and syrups to make your yummy breakfast even yummier! The wait can be long at Portage Bay, even in the middle of the day, so grab a cup of complimentary coffee near the door when you put your name on the list.

Pasta Freska

Pasta Freska doesn't look like much as you drive by along Lake Union, which is probably why it's one of Seattle's best kept dining secrets. There is no formal menu at this small, unassuming restaurant, but it is not a prix fixe situation either.  When you arrive, Chef Mike Horri comes to your table and custom designs your meal based on what you like and don't like to eat, then chooses the best wine to compliment that meal. It sounds more daring than it actually is -- locals love the excitement of seeing what will come out of the kitchen for them and are rarely disappointed. Pasta Freska is a great place to go with a crowd of enthusiastic food-loving friends for a truly enjoyable evening.

Bastille Cafe & Bar

Seattle-ite's know where to go when they want French food without the uptight atmosphere and dining experience that usually comes with it -- Bastille Cafe & Bar in Ballard. Bastille is loud, friendly, approachable and above all, has a delicious, well-rounded menu. Regulars will tell you to start your new relationship with Bastille off on the right foot by ordering Steak Frites Au Roquefort -- the frites are sprinkled heavily with sea salt and served with truffle oil aioli that will make you beg your server for more. If you are looking for a more intimate setting, sneak into the Back Bar, which is down the long hallway on the right hand side of the restaurant -- it's a great place to chat with a friend over a candle lit table and offers full menu-service.

Three Girls Bakery

Everyone knows that Seattle is famous for it's rain and what's better on a rainy day than a nice hot bowl of chili? Three Girls Bakery in Post Alley seems far away from the hustle and bustle of Pike Place Market next door and serves the best chili in the entire city. But Seattle-ites have other favorites at Three Girls too -- the pastrami sandwich is hugely popular, as are their sweet pastries like the lemon bars and bear claws. Regular customers will agree that even better than the delicious food is the friendly staff who is warm, welcoming and remembers your face and order.