Summer Activities » Seattle, WA

Summer Activities in Seattle, WA

Trust us... it doesn't rain all the time in Seattle! Summers in Seattle are pretty amazing and we have 10 activities you need to try. Leave the rain coat at home -- you're not going to need it.
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It's summer time in Seattle and that can only mean one thing... Seafair! No doubt the biggest festival happening all year in Seattle, Seafair brings together all of the city's neighborhoods to celebrate summer. And, when we say summer, we really mean summer -- Seafair kicks off Memorial Day weekend and festivities last through Labor Day weekend. What exactly does Seafair include? Parades, the infamous pirates landing on Alki Beach, the milk carton derby on Green Lake, Fleet Week, hydroplane races, neighborhood parades, Magnolia Summerfest and so much more. Be sure to keep a close eye on the Seafair website and Facebook page and mark your calendar -- Seafair is one summer activity in Seattle that you won't want to miss!

Pike Place Market

Although Pike Place Market is open "19-1/2 hours a day, 362 days a year" summer is the time to truly enjoy the market, as it's much easier to breeze from store to store and booth to booth without having to pull an umbrella along. Plus, have you seen the summer time flowers at the market? They, alone, are worth the visit! Summer at The Market, as it's known to Seattleites, is filled with tourists, but it's also filled with fresh fish flying through the air at the seafood booths, visits to the very first Starbucks location, the most gorgeous fresh fruits and vegetables that you've ever seen (all grown locally, of course) and so much more. Parking is insane at Pike Place Market -- park at a garage in upper downtown and walk the few blocks down to the market.

Bainbridge Island

This summer, put a trip to Bainbridge Island on your to-do list! From downtown Seattle, jump on a ferry at the ferry terminal at Pier 52 -- you can bring your car or simply walk-on -- and take the quick ride across the water to Bainbridge. You can easily explore the area just on the other side by foot (bring a stroller if you're bringing kids!), or ride bikes over if you'd like to dig a little deeper into the island. Bainbridge is certainly on island time -- things move a bit slower over there, making it the perfect day-trip escape from your busy life in the city.

Alki Beach

Close your eyes for a minute -- come on, trust us on this one -- close your eyes and when you open them, you're going to be certain you've been transported to Southern California. But, with the Seattle skyline across the water and that tiny bit of a chilly breeze still in the air, you'll realize that you're actually at Alki Beach. Summer on Alki is as close as you're going to get to the fun and sun, beach-style, in the Seattle area and when the weather is warm, Seattleites flock to Alki for beach volleyball, sunbathing, digging in the sand and enjoying all of the alfesco dining at the restaurants that line the beach. Be warned... parking at Alki can be insane on nice days. Park in the side residential streets to find a spot easily!

Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Marathon

The sun only shines for a few sacred months in Seattle and if you live in the Emerald City, you know you have to take advantage of that sunshine to get off the gym treadmill and take yourself outside for some exercise in the fresh air. For the fourth year in Seattle in 2012, the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon is more than just 26.2 miles on your feet -- at each mile, there is a new band to keep your feet moving, including popular favorites (in 2012) such as Gym Class Heros and Cobra Starship. If you do want to participate in the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Marathon or the Half Marathon option be sure to register as soon as possible -- the race has sold out every year!