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Laughing Planet Cafe

With a heart-felt dedication to keeping their menu and food-making methods as sustainable, natural and local as possible, Laughing Planet Cafe is a true Portland lunch spot. Not only do they pull from local farms for their ingredients, when they can, they also attempt to keep their footprint low and hire locally to keep their money in their Portland neighborhood. And, Laughing Planet does all this while also making some delicious meals! Stop in for lunch and have one of their famous bowls or give the burrito-of-the-week a try. In addition, Laughing Planet is a great stop for a vegetarian lunch in Portland and they also serve a gluten-free menu.

Macayo’s Mexican Kitchen

Since Woody and Victoria Johnson opened the first restaurant in 1946, Macayo’s Mexican Kitchen has been serving up some of the best Mexican cuisine in Phoenix. Over 65 years later, Macayo’s is now celebrating their success at their fourteen locations throughout Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada. Enchiladas, Burros, Tacos, Fajitas, Chimichangas -- Macayo’s serves up all the traditional dishes you’d expect to find at a Mexican restaurant, but with an unexpectedly authentic flavor. We recommend you try your favorite dish on the menu topped with their spicy, creamy signature Baja sauce -- or try one of their specials like the Chicken Poblano (pictured) which is a deep-fried poblano chile filled with seasoned chicken and served with their Baja and enchilada sauces.  And don’t forget dessert: Macayo’s serves up the best fried ice cream and sopapillas in town!

El Sarape

When meeting friends, Mexican restaurants are always at the top of the lunch-out list. Munching on chips and salsa while catching up, and waiting for the entrées, is always a hit over the noon hour.

El Sarape pleases hungry diners with their generous portions. You can’t go wrong with one of their weekday lunch specials. Six options are available for a reasonable $5.25. A combo, such as two enchiladas, two tacos, or two chimichangas, along with beans or rice, is more than enough to fill the famished.

The atmosphere is casual, yet charming. A server takes your order but when you’re ready to leave, bring your check to the cashier and be on your way.

Ocho Mexican Grill

Looking to chow down on authentic Mexican cuisine in downtown L.A. but want healthier menu options? Then head on over to Ocho Mexican Grill for a to-die-for Mexican dishes that boast a good-for-you flair. From their brown rice to their wheat tortillas and chips, their bowls, burritos and salads are topped with organic rice and beans, giving this Chipotle-like lunch spot extra points for offering the most nutritious ingredients. Indoor seating is limited, especially during the lunch rush, so seeking seating outside may be your best bet. And, free chips and salsa is offered for check in’s, so hit up your favorite Facebook or Yelp page when you arrive!

Rancho Bravo Tacos

For a quick, cheap lunch in Seattle, stop by Rancho Bravo Taco, a food truck in the Wallingford neighborhood -- located right next to Dick's Drive-In. With taco trucks on every corner these days -- they must rival Starbucks in Seattle by now -- Rancho Bravo Taco stands out against the rest because they use the freshest ingredients and are so friendly. Plus, the food is delicious. Need a menu suggestion? The tacos really can't be beat -- we recommend one chicken soft taco and one pork soft taco until you figure out what you can't resist! Rancho Bravo even has undercover seating, so you can enjoy your tacos in the Seattle rain.

Sra. Martinez

Housed in a 1920s post office building, Sra. Martinez has a cozy, artsy bistro atmosphere and some of the most modern and innovative cuisine in town. The sweet potato pound cake with homemade goat’s milk ricotta and locally harvested honey always catches the eye – and the taste buds - of a Sra. Martinez newcomer. If you’re a breakfast-all-day type, opt for the lemon ricotta pancakes with lemon curd and strawberry jam. And if you’re munchy for tapas, try the bacon-wrapped dates with Valdean blue cheese and Marcona almonds. There’s a sizeable wine list and a selection of signature cocktails. Keep in mind that Sra. Martinez is closed on Mondays. But you can reserve a table online any other day of the week.

Las Tortugas Deli Mexicana

Remember the “Soup Nazi” character from Seinfeld? Mexico City-to-Memphis transplants Pepe and Jonathan Magallanes could give him a run for his money. Don’t ask for cheese dip or sour cream – just step up to the counter and order straight from the menu. If Jonathan, who usually runs the cash register, tells you to pick something else, don’t disagree. Whatever you receive on your tray will taste fresher – and better – than any other Mexican fare you’ve ever tasted. Don’t take our word for it. Let the hordes of Midtowners, who beat a path to the northeastern suburbs to pay $10 for a quartet of fish tacos, then fight for a seat on the no-frills patio furniture, convince you: lunch at Las Tortugas will change your life. 

California Tortilla

Those in the know say California Tortilla doesn't actually resemble the Mexican food in California. But it's the closest you'll get in DC, and it's pretty tasty in its own right. Burrito, taco and quesadilla offerings include basics like Barbecue Chicken and delicately flavored Honey Lime Chicken and a rotating roster of "fusion" choices like Gyro or Korean BBQ. Some of the fusion options are more successful than others, but it's refreshing to have choices beyond the same old chicken-or-steak. Regulars love Wheel of Deals Mondays and quirky specials like secret-word giveaways and Pop Tart Day. The food itself is mild, but there's a wall of 75 hot sauces for those who like things spicy. The company must be doing something right (and/or spiking the employee drink machine) because its workers are almost uniformly chipper. There are over 20 locations around the DC area.

Mi Ranchito

It’s delicious, it’s convenient, and it’s cheap, cheap, cheap. There’s no need to guilt yourself for spending money on eating lunches outside the office when you’re heading to Mi Ranchito. Its menu is overwhelmingly extensive, but you’ll find that once you settle on a favorite or two, there’s no need to branch out (Lunch Vippy, anyone?) The guacamole is fresh and the cheese dip is delicious. Copious amounts of chips and salsa arrive from the moment you sit down. The fast service and ample table space make this an ideal location for group lunches. Go ahead, call it 'Chito. Everyone else does. Andale!


Bar Abilene

There are two words that make Bar Abilene especially awesome: tableside guacamole. Severs spoil the guest by whipping up the tasty Mexican dip right there are at the table but try and save room for what’s to follow. The extensive Southwest-inspired menu makes it easy to over order, even for lunch. Stop in for a long lazy Sunday lunch or a late weekday lunch when the specials are irresistible. Not only is the food fantastic, the ambiance is festive. Not to mention, Margaritas lovers won't want to miss the long list of tequila-inspired concoctions which are easily the best in the city.

Taco Lu

Boasting the best fish tacos and tequilas in town, Taco Lu is a top lunch destination in Jacksonville Beach. Their aim: to broaden your mental horizons on just what true Mexican food is – and it ain’t Taco Bell fare. Case in point:  the scallop taco with blackened scallops on cabbage with a slice of avocado, chipotle crème and a splash of cilantro-lime vinaigrette. Every item is handmade fresh daily, including the guacamole with roasted garlic, lime, cilantro, a little salt and house-roasted pepitas. The only rub at Taco Lu, which features a fabulous Day-of-the-Dead décor, is precious little parking. But no worries – Taco Lu offers free valet services. Just look for the 1966 avocado green VW van out front.

Mossfire Grill & Lounge

While visitors know the Mossfire Grill & Lounge for its sensational Southwestern fare, locals know it for both its fantastic flavors and its name. In 1901, a devastating blaze dubbed the “Great Fire” destroyed the city’s downtown core. The cause: a burning ember from a cook stove that drifted onto the rooftop of a mattress factory where piles of Spanish moss had been laid out to dry. Evacuees fled to the Riverside area, which quickly became known as the Mossfire District. Since 1998, the two-story restaurant with outdoor balcony seating located in Riverside’s Five Points neighborhood has become a favorite dining and hangout locale. A favorite starter is the Southwestern Hummus seasoned with cumin and lime and served with corn salsa.

Rio Grande Cafe

One of the more popular Mexican food restaurants in Salt Lake City, the Rio Grande Cafe is located in the historic Rio Grande train station. Their burritos are known to be some of the largest in Salt Lake City, and you will always leave the Rio Grande Cafe with a full stomach. Eating on a budget, this is the perfect choice for a Mexican food lunch. The chicken tacos and enchiladas are a popular choice. This is a great place to dine with kids, and their jukebox is a fun addition to their dining room. They also have outdoor seating available for those that want to dine with a view, and the tour of their historic building is a perfect after dinner activity. 

Border Grill

Don’t think of Border Grill as just another Mexican restaurant. Celebrity Chefs Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger have been on Bravo's "Top Chef Masters" and Food Network's "Too Hot Tamales" and take flavors from south of the border to a gourmet level. The duo creates complex authentic dishes based on the home cooking of Oaxaca and the Yucatan. The restaurant also offers sustainable seafood as part of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program and serves up lesser known dishes such as Arctic char, black cod and barramundi as well as salmon. Look for organic black beans, as well as chicken, beef and uncured pork raised without hormones and antibiotics.


Machismo Burrito Bar

Choices, choices, choices…that’s what Machismo is known for and that customization is what make their burritos the best bet in town.  You start by choosing your tortilla flavor, and then proceed by filling it with as many fillings as you desire.  And if that isn’t enough for you, then you can top off your creation with your choice of 30 hot sauces from Machismo’s hot sauce bar.  While burritos are clearly their specialty, Machismo also provides other typical southwestern fare such as nachos, quesadillas, and even salads…all fully customizable, of course.  Along with being fresh, food at Machismo is also known for being BIG, so make sure you walk in with your appetite ready.