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Exposure Indoor Rock Climbing

Sometimes adventure is the name of the game. And you can’t get much more adventurous than rock climbing. Exposure Indoor Rock Climbing has a variety of walls for beginners to experts and a variety of packages to accommodate your needs. You can get a day pass for as little as $12 or buy a punch card good for 10 days (which doesn’t expire until the card is full) for as little as $110.

Have a friend who’s not sure rock climbing is for them? Take them on Mondays after 6 p.m. and it’s two for the price of one! Better yet, every Wednesday after 6 p.m is ladies night, when we gals only have to pay half price. If you’re curious about rock climbing but haven’t tried it because of the expense, these deals also come with equipment. We dare you!

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Alpine SuperSlide

Get ready to giggle and squeal on this fun ride, the most popular at the Breckenridge Fun Park at Peak 8. First, take the chairlift to reach the top of the slide. If you’ve never ridden a chair, this will be a trip in itself. Don’t worry — they slow it down so you can hop off on the platform. Then sit on a sled; they’ll show you how to operate it. Simply point it down the cement track for a fun, winding ride down. If you feel the need for speed, take the faster track. If you ride with your little one (ages 3-6 must), take the slower track. Either way, you’ll want to do it again and again. You can, with an all-day ticket that includes unlimited entry to all the fun park activities like the climbing wall and coaster (see this guide). Go early; lines get long as the day goes on.


Rock Climbing Wall

If you’re feeling like a monkey, there are several ways to get your climbing fix. One is outdoors at the Rockpile Climbing Wall at the Fun Park on Peak 8, which is known to be a good choice for kids. Another is indoors at the Recreation Center Wall, where instructors guide you; if you’re serious, take a private lesson. It’s open every day from noon to 6 p.m. For the real deal, head over to Frisco, then onto I-70 about one mile from Exit 201. When the shoulder opens up on the right, pull off along the aspens. Look for a tall cairn and handmade sign marking the steep approach trail to White Cliff. Go left to reach West wall routes; right for East wall. This face catches the sun, so it’s warm and comfortable most of the time. You’ll find 8-10 single-pitch sport climbs here.



Arizona’s largest rock gym is located in Tempe and no matter your level of experience you will love this challenging test of skill, fitness and bravery. One of the hardest things for those who love to climb is that the Arizona summers are not the most conducive for scaling up a rock wall. Get the full experience in an air conditioned gym at Climbmax. There is even a special climbing area for kids complete with a cave that they can climb through. There is also an adult version of the cave. For those new to the sport, there are classes and camps that teach the basics. 

Sport Rock Climbing Centers

Intersted in getting into rock climbing? Sport Rock has indoor and outdoor classes as well as classes for beginners and intermediate climbers. In addition to the climbing classes they also offer ypga and zumba to provide you with a well rounded workout. They offer classes for kids and even offer classes just for women! The class for women will teach you how to climb without ropes, the basic introduction classes include the physical class component and also teaches you all lingo, the equipment, nad ins and outs of the sport. 

Babes in the Woods

Say goodbye to the confining walls of the gym. If you love the great outdoors, Babes in the Woods is the group for you. They’re a free group that meets up frequently for hikes, walks, rock climbing, trail running and more outdoor sports. They’re open just to female members and their female guests, so don’t worry about breaking a sweat in front of any men! This group is pretty informal, so check their website for meet ups. You can join them as often or as infrequently as you like, so your level of involvement is completely up to you. It’s also a great place to make local friends; They meet up frequently for social purposes, as well.

Climb Nashville

If you wouldn't be caught dead in the gym and think Zumba is a kids' TV show, there's still an indoor fitness option for you. At Climb Nashville, build muscle and burn calories while getting the skills you need for real outdoor climbing. With over 12,000 feet of climbing surface, 40-foot walls, campus board, a bouldering area and more, Climb is one of the south's top rock gyms. They also offer classes in climbing, core conditioning, and even yoga. And the on-site shop can sell you anything you need. Buy a membership, or just a day pass – you'll be readyfor the moutains in no time.

Go Vertical

This is a great gym if you are a rock climbing enthusiast or a person who just wants to give rock climbing a try, with 250 routes avaiable to climb every day and 20 new routes each week you are sure to find a path that suits your skill level. There are beginner classes held daily and a separate area for beginners to climb as well as a kids area. Some perks include the nice climate controlled environment away from the elements and the free parking! And if you want to step out to grab lunch go ahead, they won't even charge you a readmission fee. 

Stone Summit Climbing and Fitness Center

The nation's largest climbing gym, Stone Summit has walls up to 60-feet high, a boulder room, spin classes and a yoga studio. From the beginning climber to those who are advanced, Stone Summit is the perfect place to get in a climb when you can't get outside because of weather or other commitments. Strengthen your body with a climb and then relax with some yoga in the giant warehouse-style studio. There are also fitness classes available to help work you out with a view of the climbers on the man-made walls and ledges surrounding you. A fun place to go and just try your hand at something new, your body will love you for it.

Upper Limits Rock Climbing Gym

The Midwest’s premiere rock climbing facility is located right here in St. Louis, so you don’t have to head to the mountains to learn how to climb them! From the very beginner to the more experienced rock hound, Upper Limits offers rock-climbing classes for all levels. No experience is necessary, and all equipment is available on-site. Conveniently located near downtown Union Station, the facility offers more than ten thousand square feet of climbing surface. That’s a lot of climbing fun in your future!

Midwest Mountaineering

Ladies looking to get out of the traditional group fitness routine will want to try Midwest Mountaineering’s Daring Divas programs. Designed specifically for the ladies, these classes prepare attendees for outdoor activities such as bouldering, kayaking and rock climbing. When browsing the website, look for programs with word Divas in the title and the Divas logo. Every second Thursday of each month is a women-only evening of bouldering in the climbing cave. All levels are welcomed whether you're a first-timer or more advanced looking to improve your technique. A female Midwest Mountaineering staff person hosts the event and happily answers questions and offers advice. 

The Edge Rock Gym

When you think rock climbing, you likely think of arm and upper body strength only. Well, think again. Turns out rock climbing is a total body workout that does amazing things for your legs, shoulders, forearms, hands, neck upper back and core as well. But it’s not just about strength and flexibility. It’s about pumping the heart as well. Take a course at the Edge Rock Gym in Jacksonville, and you’ll find out that climbing is actually a dynamic muscle exercise, which means that multiple muscles are flexed for long periods of time. All that flexing requires more blood to be pumped to the muscles than you’ll get with the short repetitions used in weight lifting or machine work. Ergo, you heart works harder, your breathing rate jumps to help maintain the oxygen levels in your blood and voila – you’ve got mad cardio going on.

Frankie’s Fun Park of Charleston

Have your kids become complete tech heads -- glued to their iPods, gaming systems, cell phones and televisions for hours on end? Well get them to abandon their virtual worlds for a few hours and engage them in some real-life action with an afternoon at Frankie’s Fun Park. Frankie’s got go-karts for everyone – kids as young as 4 years old can get behind the wheel on the Rookie Track, while older kids and adults can take on the Road Course, or brave the ultra-fast, friction-free Oval Slick Track. For more traditional sports action, head over to play a round of mini golf, or hit a few golf balls on the driving range or baseballs in the batting cages. There’s even more fun to be had climbing on Frankie’s rock wall, slipping down their fun slide, running into each other on the bumper boats and playing games in the arcade.

Rock City Climbing

If you harbor weekend-warrior dreams of climbing mountains, figuring out how to get started is the hardest part. Rock City Climbing Center takes climbing from intimidating to accessible, for people of all ages and fitness levels. Explore their two huge rooms of climbing surfaces. Take classes in everything from climbing 101 to Wilderness Survival and Advanced Self-rescue. Rates start at $12 for a day pass ($10 for those under 8), plus equipment rental. Clients rave about the friendly, knowledgeable staff. You choose which path to climb, so your workout can be as hard or easy as you want.

Armatage Park and Recreation Center

Located adjacent to the Armatage School, Armatage Park and Recreation Center offers a wide range of activities. There's a large, colorful playground with swings, slides, and climbing structures for toddlers to grade schoolers. It's surrounded by prairie and features baseball, soccer and football fields, seven softball diamonds, hockey and ice rinks, four tennis courts and a Tier 1 skateboard park. Also, there is a picnic area, a seasonal wading pool, restrooms and drinking fountain near the playground. Even if you aren't involved in sports, the park is a great place to watch the activity, take a stroll, have a picnic or enjoy a leisurely break.

Virginia Beach Rock Gym

Virginia Beach may not have any actual mountains to scale, but the Rock Gym helps feed anyone’s craving for a climb.  This indoor facility offers several realistically textured climbing surfaces.  Each section includes color-coded routes, ranging from beginner to extremely advanced. With the beginner routes, children as young as 3 will enjoy getting in on the action!  On Friday nights, the Rock Gym offers a special “open gym” just for children where parents can sit back and watch while certified staff members assist the children in climbing no matter what their experience level is.  Helmets and harnesses are available for rent at all times, but are included in the price of the children’s “open gym.”

James River Park System

The park system is made up of a dozen unique locations suitable for exploring and convening with nature. Pony Pasture is popular for sunbathing and swimming and has access to Class II whitewater rapids. Belle Isle is in the middle of the James River downtown, with up-close views of the city skyline, historical ruins from the Civil War, wooded trails and room for mountain biking. Large rocks make for good sunbathing and climbing, but the rapids there make it tough for swimming. The island is most often accessed by a pedestrian footbridge from the North bank of the river. For those without children, Texas Beach offers sandy banks and shallow water for swimming in a more secluded area, though you’ll definitely encounter hipsters with six packs. Pumphouse Park has no direct river access, but features a large, deteriorating Gothic Revival structure, which served as the city’s waterworks from 1883 until 1924.

X-Treme Rock Climbing Gym

Let’s face it: during Miami’s humid summers sometimes you just want to stay inside. But wanting to stay indoors doesn’t mean you have to stay home. Get a group of friends and head over to X-Treme Rock Climbing Gym. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never climbed before; the gym offers an introductory climbing and roping class, which teaches you the basics of climbing so you can climb the walls safely. Once you’ve gone through the class, stay and climb as much as you’d like – a day pass costs $15. You can also take private or outdoor classes. Scared of heights? Try one of X-Treme’s daily yoga classes. Believe us, it’s fun and you’ll get a workout while you’re at it.

Black Creek Outfitters Kayak Tours

Get both your workout and a nature fix via a kayak tour with Black Creek Outfitters. Northeast Florida’s premiere outdoors adventure provider offers beginner level eco-historic kayak tours and can customize an outing just for you and your girlfriends. Don’t think you and your girly-girl girlfriends are prepared for such a rustic excursion? Sign up for kayak, standup paddleboard, SUP yoga or rock climbing lessons. But don’t stop there. Ditch the trendy little wine bar, take a Wilderness Remote First Aid course and learn to rough it Survivor-style. It’s female bonding at its rawest. And it makes for great conversation back at the wine bar next week. 

Glen Canyon Park

With indoor and outdoor facilities, any outdoor-loving gal is sure to find a way to work up a sweat at the Glen Canyon Park. Known as one of the city's hidden gems, the recreation center anchors this outdoor wonderland offering a baseball diamond, hiking trails, and more. Don't be surprised to spy rock climbers scaling the many boulders skirting the park, but you'll likely come to stroll the winding paths and some fresh air and to clear your head for an hour or so. You can find a restroom in the playground area and a great view at the Chert Cliffs. For those looking for a little more adventure,you'll find coyotes, a natural creek and caves to explore your inner adventurist.