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Lunch Spots in Virginia Beach, VA

Whether you’re breaking away from the office for a bit or eager to return to the beach, Virginia Beach’s options for fast, tasty, affordable lunches are quite varied, ensuring you will find something to satisfy your needs.
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Famous Uncle Al's

Famous, at least by name and Virginia Beach standards, Uncle Al’s is the quintessential dog and burger joint.  Frequented by locals, the waitresses will be at your table (or bar seat) within a couple minutes to take your order from a menu posted behind the bar.  As good as the hot dogs (they serve only Boars Head) are, the burgers, sausages, and sandwiches are equally as appealing.  While the grill is sizzling, the frying basket is working to provide the French fries and onion rings to complement your meal.  The place is always busy at lunch time, but the staff keeps everything coming out quick, so you can get in and out.

Leaping Lizard Cafe

Nestled in a cozy cottage, this 20 seat gem provides a more quaint lunch experience than most other choices in Virginia Beach.  Offering sandwiches, soups, salads, all of the ingredients used at the Leaping Lizard are fresh and locally-grown.  In fact, many come from a produce stand just up the road.  Leaping Lizard tries hard to reflect the personality and food tastes of coastal Virginia, so fresh seafood specials are often featured.  In warm weather, a seat outside on the patio surrounded by trees makes for a peaceful lunch retreat.  And if you have time, be sure to check out the attached gift store which is equally as charming.

Gourmet Gang

Drive-through food service does not have to be greasy, as evidenced by a trip to the Gourmet Gang kiosk.  Almost hidden in a shopping center parking lot, the Gourmet Gang offers salads, wraps, and sandwiches for drive-up service only.  But as the name implies, food selections at Gourmet Gang are not your typical fare.  With items such as a crab cake sandwich, roasted vegetable sandwich, or the teriyaki chicken wrap on the menu (all for about $5-$7), drive through has certainly gotten a much-needed sophisticated makeover.  Sides and desserts are also available.  Other Virginia Beach locations are more conventional sit-down restaurants, and all offer delivery.

Pho 79

As the name suggests, the trademark dish at Pho 79 is pho, a traditional Vietnamese meat and noodle soup.  Seemingly addicting according to pho-fanatics, Pho 79 offers many variations on the dish, so you can try something new each time you go.  The menu is easy to understand, which helps you get a good idea of what to order if this is your first attempt.  Of course, if pho isn’t your thing, there are other traditional Vietnamese selections available.  Pho 79 is definitely a no-frills approach to dining; don’t expect much in the décor or service departments, but the taste certainly makes up for it.

Taste Unlimited

Known simply as “Taste” to the locals, this sandwich shop is a Virginia Beach institution.  All breads are fresh-baked and topped with only the finest meats and cheeses.  To truly capture the Taste Unlimited experience, though, make sure to order your sandwich topped with their locally famous House dressing.  Aside from sandwiches, Taste Unlimited also offers fresh deli salads, salads, soups, and delicious dessert bars to complete your meal.   As recognizable as their sandwiches are, their gourmet food and wine shop may be just as well-loved.  As you wait for your sandwich, be sure to scan the aisles for items to pack in your beach bag and take along with you for later.