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Baby's Day Out in Washington, DC

Stop in to a couple museums and enjoy the great outdoors to keep you and your baby entertained.
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Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

One of the best museums of the Smithsonians, you and your baby will love the airplanes! The huge planes and space shuttles will keep your little one mesmerized. Strap them in the stroller and walk around this free museum and even let your little one go into the plane and touch the buttons and go explore the discovery room. While many of the activities will be too advanced for your baby they are constantly learning how the world works and you showing them through simple demonstrations will be extremely entertaining. 

United States Botanic Garden

You will be surprised by how much your baby loves the flowers in the Botanic Garden. If you have time stroll around the grounds of the Capitol building before entering the Gardens. You will love being on Capitol Hill and your baby will love watching the joggers and seeing the fountains. Then head over to the Gardens where your baby will be stimulated by the vibrant colors and you will want to stay all day just to figure out how to bottle the smell!

Great Falls Canal Boat Rides

You and your baby will love to take a ride on this historical recreation. Arrive early as the boat ride tickets are sold on a first come first served basis, this is a nice leisurely ride up the canal. The boat is pulled by mules walking on the bank and the tour up the canal is narratted by tour guides dressed in period clothing telling about life of people who worked and lived along the canal. Your little one will love watching the scenes on the bank slowly passing by. 

Rock Creek Nature Center

After a walk around the grounds of the park be sure to take the little one into the Nature Center where you can go into the library and show them some books and then walk over to watch the bees. The bees are buzzing around the hive and going inside and outside through a tube. The buzzing and the movement will keep your baby entertained much longer than you would have initially thought. For those that are starting to babble this is a great time to start introducing the words bee and buzz!

Palisades Recreation Center

Swing by the Starbucks, grab a drink and a starbucks, and head over to the Palisades Park Recreation Center. This pristine park has a great playground, courts, and fields. If you time it right and take the little over during the school day you will have the freedom to take the little one out to the astro turf field to crawl around or play with a ball. For a park in DC the beautiful thing is that there is plenty of parking!