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Local Flavor Edition in Washington, DC

So you can't make Italy this week; at least you can find authentic Neapolitan pizza. Or Peruvian chicken? Afghan kabobs? Here are ten top spots to explore DC's local flavors.
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J&G Steakhouse

For one of the best burgers in the city visit J&G Steakhouse, while a steakhouse may not be the first place you would think to go for a burger here you will get a burger that is made with the finest meat and is grilled to perfection. One of the highlights of the burger are the homemade pickled cucumbers that you will find on top. Have a glass of wine and finish the meal with desert. You will not be disappointed if you save room for the apple crisp or the variety of homemade cookies. 

China Town Express

There may be a line out the door but rest assured it moves pretty quickly and you can enjoy watching the chef make noodles through the window. China Town Express has authentic Chinese food with some Americanized favorites on the menu, but you will really want to order anything that has those wonderful homemade noodles you saw being prepared. The steamed dumplings are very popular and the noodle dishes are made to order with your choice of fried or in soup and choice of meat and vegetables. Make good use of the sauces on the table, they will complete the meal. 

Best Sandwich Place

Well the name says it all, here you can find some of the best sandwiches in DC. The menu is almost overwhelming with a variety of traditional options like Italian cold cut and ham and cheese and creative options like the Cobb sandwich and the turkey sandwich loaded with all your favorite Thanksgiving leftovers. Your meal is made complete by the fresh crisp pickle that accompanies your sandwich. Tucked in the office buildings of Farragut it is actually closer to the L Street side of the building than to the K Street side. Go into the building near the Borders and Bank of America ATM and past the dry cleaners to find the shop. 

Two Amys

For some classic style Neapolitan pizza visit Two Amys for lunch or dinner. This pizza is made with the finest freshest ingredients like sea salt in the dough and Italian plum tomatoes to make the sauce. You can get a variety of toppings from cheese and pepperoni to arugula and pancetta. The pizza can be wood fired and comes out extra crispy with bubbles in the crust that are soft and amazingly flavorful. There is usually a wait but it is well worth it, try the small plates like bruschetta that is made with the freshest ingredients. 

Sweet Basil

You will enjoy this creative spin on traditional Thai classic dishes like the winter melon coconut ice cream. There are also some more traditional thai favorites like drunken noodles and fish cakes that can be paired with a wine from the extensive wine list. This is a great spot for lunch or dinner if you are looking for something that is a little spicy and not too pricey. A little outside of the city it is well worth the drive and on the plus side there is ample parking available.