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Lunch Spots in St. Louis, MO

St. Louis has a diverse array of yummy lunch spots from the arch to the western suburbs.
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Bogart's Smokehouse

Don’t let the long line deter you—it moves very fast! Plus, chances are chef Skip Steele will hand you a chicken wing when you walk in the door. There’s nothing better than noshing on a delicious BBQ chicken wing while sizing up the menu. Bogart’s has limited hours, from midmorning to around 4PM—earlier if they sell out. Much to the delight of local residents, they have extended their weekend hours to reach into suppertime. Ribs, pastrami, chicken, deviled egg-style potato salad—they’ve got it, and it’s delicious. Come by twice and chances are, the cashier will remember your name. You don’t find this quality of food coupled with this quality of service just anywhere!

Benton Park

St. Louis has its share of charming neighborhood cafes, and Benton Park is no exception. Don’t be fooled by outward appearances: the space is Chicago-esque and deceptively large; you think you’ve seen the entire restaurant, and then the hostess leads you through the bowels of the kitchen to the other side of the building and abundant seating. The casual atmosphere is perfect for slow weekend brunches. Everything is made from scratch with the best locally sourced ingredients. Water is always served with a cucumber slice—a small gesture that everyone seems to rave over! The ambiance is warm and inviting, with a generous view of the charming historic neighborhood street outside.

Blues City

This South City corner-storefront deli is adorable, with limited outdoor seating that goes fast when the weather is pleasant. The inside can become crowded quickly, as well, so be prepared to take your sandwich with you, or eat standing up. The line moves quickly, so you’ll be able to order and be on your way with minimum hassle. Weekend days often feature live Blues music. The interior is dazzling eye-candy, riddled with autographed posters and albums and photographs. Oh yes, and they serve beer. If you’re in St. Louis, make a visit to Blues City a priority. You will absolutely not be disappointed.

Everest Cafe on Manchester

If you love Indian food, you will love Everest Café. It is like Indian food, but even more awesome, with its Nepalese and Korean influences. The weekday lunch buffet offers up ethnic delights like chicken korma, sweet potato noodles, and bulgogi. The story of Everest Café is intriguing, and if you have the opportunity to meet Devi States and his wife, Connie, you are in for a treat. Mr. States holds advanced degrees in both social work and public health, and frequently holds health-centered events at his restaurants, such as the opportunity for free cholesterol screenings during Sunday lunch buffet.

Mi Ranchito

It’s delicious, it’s convenient, and it’s cheap, cheap, cheap. There’s no need to guilt yourself for spending money on eating lunches outside the office when you’re heading to Mi Ranchito. Its menu is overwhelmingly extensive, but you’ll find that once you settle on a favorite or two, there’s no need to branch out (Lunch Vippy, anyone?) The guacamole is fresh and the cheese dip is delicious. Copious amounts of chips and salsa arrive from the moment you sit down. The fast service and ample table space make this an ideal location for group lunches. Go ahead, call it 'Chito. Everyone else does. Andale!