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Annual Festivals/Fairs in Cleveland, OH

Cleveland residents really know how to party, and they demonstrate that with the fairs and festivals they throw all year long. These events are top-notch, so make sure you don’t miss a single one.
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Cuyahoga County Fair

The Cuyahoga County Fair is a great way to get your greasy food fix. The farm animals and carnival rides are a good time, too. Not everything at this fair, though, is what you would expect to see at your average county fair. An animal handler specializing in big cats (and by big cats, we do mean lions and tigers – Oh my!) will perform every day of the fair. You’ll also see a timber show every day of the fair, which is a team of men that do everything from log roll, chainsaw art, ax throwing and more.  There’s also a unicyclist/juggler that performs regularly. These special acts all together make the scene look more like a circus than a fair, but it’s a good time for everyone either way.

Twins Day Festival

You can’t but help but see double, triple, and sometimes more when you visit the Twins Day Festival in Twisnburg, just 20 minutes south of Cleveland. This event is free to registered twins and multiples, but costs just $3 for everyone else. While the event is geared toward multiples and their families, anyone can attend. All those twins walking around together really is something to behold, and the festival itself is a good time for everyone. The weekend included a parade, a twins contest, a talent contest, fireworks and more. It usually takes place on the first weekend in August.

Tremont Greek Fest

You don’t have to be Greek to enjoy the Tremont Greek Fest (formerly known as the Hellenic Heritage Festival), but you do have to have a taste for Greek food. This event takes place every Memorial Day Weekend, and is a non-stop party. There’s tons of amazing Greek cuisine, Greek music and dancing, a Greek marketplace, and a beer tent outside. As you can guess, the beer tent is where most of the party takes place, although the whole place is pretty lively. Admission is free, but bring plenty of cash – there’s lots of great stuff here to spend money on.

Cain Park Arts Festival

The Cain Park Arts Festival takes place the second full weekend each July. It can showcase up to 150 artists, and entries are juried, so you know you’re only seeing the best the city has to offer. The entries are pretty split between painting and photography and crafts, so you’ll find plenty you’ll love, no matter what type of artwork floats your boat. Admission on Friday evening is free, and Saturday and Sunday costs $5 for everyone aged 13 and over. Almost all of what you see is for sale, so bring your wallet if you’re in to art. Park at Cleveland Heights City Hall – there’s limited available parking at the park and the shuttle over from City Hall is free.

Parade the Circle

Start your day with a parade in one of the most fun neighborhoods in all of Cleveland, and end it with a party right down the road. The parade , which usually takes place in the middle of June, is sponsored by the Cleveland Museum of Art, and is one of the most beautiful parades around. The floats are bright and colorful, with puppets, costumes, dancers, music and more. Once the parade is over, catch a free shuttle to Wade Oval for a, afternoon of dancing, games, music and delicious food, all at no cost to you. While you’re in the neighborhood, stroll through the local galleries, stop at some of the specialty shops and listen to live entertainment throughout the neighborhood.