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If you like books, Cleveland is for you. The many bookstores here make it the perfect place to find books you love, whether you’re looking for mainstream or obscure.
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Six Steps Down Bookstore

Six Steps Down is a used bookstore in the center of Cleveland. It’s not a very big place, but there are tons of books – more than the space allows, actually, which is why you’ll find piles of books along most of the shelves. There aren’t a lot of new titles, but lots of “oldies but goodies.” Prices are pretty mid-range for a used book store. Make sure you chat with the friendly bearded store owner and pet the large store cat, they’re both very friendly!

Appletree Books

Appletree Books is more about the environment than the books. Yes, they do have a good selection of new books at fair prices, but what keeps them above the big chains is the staff. They have a friendly staff that is very knowledgeable about books, as well as the community. They all love to chat and they’re more than helpful when you’re looking for something in particular. If they don’t have what you need in stock, they’ll get it. This store gives you a small-town feel, which isn’t easy to find in Cleveland.

Visible Voice Books

Visible Voice Books is a classier version of the local bookstore. Not only are the titles mostly more literary than mainstream, but they serve you coffee and wine while you browse their shelves. The clientele is different too – you won’t have to ignore a screaming child or block out the teenager on her cell phone next to you. The selection here is smaller than what you find at most bookstores, but it’s hard to visit and find at least one treasure. Even though the books are new, prices are usually slightly under cover price.

Mac’s Backs Paperbacks

This used book shop is a legend in Cleveland. There are few book lovers who haven’t spent at least a few hours lost in their stacks. At first glance, it seems like a small place. The low ceilings create a cavernous effect, and the room you start off in isn’t that big. Then you learn there are two more floors. Yep, three floors of used books! There’s not much you can’t find here. They carry all genres and have a full section in every genre. Mac’s does a lot to encourage local authors, holding frequent readings and signings for local authors. You’ll find lots of local books on the shelves, as well.

Loganberry Books

Walking into this bookshop is a little bit like walking into the cluttered living room of a book lover. The wooden floors are covered with comfy rugs and the walls are lined with overstuffed bookshelves. Loganberry Books sells both new and used books. While they do carry most genres, including children’s books, they specialize in women’s topics and the arts. Loganberry’s is a big supporter of local authors, holding several events for local authors every month. The stores website is host to “Stump the Bookseller,” a popular service that lets customers help others remember titles, characters and other forgotten facts from their favorite books.