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Coffee Shops in Cleveland, OH

Getting sleepy? Not in Cleveland! There are tons of coffee shops in this city, ready to help you get your caffeine fix. Find your favorite spot or try them all!
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Dewey’s Coffee

Dewey’s is warm, cozy and comfortable. When you walk in, you feel more like you’re in a living room than a coffee shop with their big, plush chairs and inviting fireplace. They sell only locally roasted coffees, and they make all of their foods on premises. If the weather is nice, try the patio. It offers great views of the city, as well as the quaint little storefront. If you want some wine with your meal, they don’t sell it but they will serve it. Bring your own and your waiters will pork for a corking fee.


The first thing you’ll notice about Civilization is the furniture. The big, dark, heavy wood gives the place a comfy feel. The drinks are great, and the pastries are always fresh and delicious. The prices are extremely low for the area, with drinks and pastries as low as $1. The staff is always friendly and willing to visit. This is also a great place for people watching. It’s in an area that intersects several different neighborhoods, so you get a wide variety of people coming in every day. They sell beautiful gift baskets, perfect for coffee lovers and all those people you just don’t know what to buy for.

Flying Cranes Café

The coffee at Flying Cranes Café is good and the food is tasty but high priced. The real treasure here is out back. You’d never know it from the front, but behind the building is a garden oasis that’s open to customers when the weather permits. Basically, it’s a few tables scattered around a garden. You get the feeling that you’re actually sitting in someone’s backyard garden. It’s nice, because it feels intimate and gives you a sense of privacy you don’t get at many coffee shops or eateries. The price makes it hard to be your everyday coffee spot, but it’s great for a weekend treat.

Lucky’s Café

Lucky’s Café looks a little bit like a French bakery. The glass cases of sandwiches and quaint seating make you feel like you’re in a faraway place. The delicious drinks bring you right back. All of the coffee drinks at Lucky’s are excellent, especially the iced drinks. The food is great as well, and the macaroni and cheese is the best on Ohio. Unfortunately, the service here is really lacking. While most of the staff is friendly and helpful, they are pretty unorganized and always moving slow. Definitely don’t stop if you’re crunched for time.

Algebra Tea House

The Algebra Tea house is a place all its own. It has a very hippie vibe going on, and that’s not for everyone. Just about everything in the place is handmade by the owner, from the front door to the counters and tables, even the plates and mugs. That should be enough to set it apart, but it goes even farther. Not only is most of the food locally grown, but he grows most of the herbs out back. It’s not uncommon to see the owner making a dish, then go outside to pick something and add it to the meal. The drinks are good but pricey, near $4 for the smallest size.