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Family Activities in Cleveland, OH

Spend some time with your family in Cleveland, the City by the Lake. There’s something here for everyone, no matter how tough your crew is to please.
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Lake Metroparks Farmpark

Is your family a bunch of city-slickers? Learn what it’s like to live on a farm and get a better appreciation of where your food comes from. This working farm encourages visitors to get their hands dirty. Milk a cow, pet a pig, pump water from a well and help bring in the harvest. There’s even a horse arena and a plant science center. See the whole property by taking a wagon ride. By the time you leave, they’ll be ready for a nap and full of stories to tell their friends.


This historic landmark is a World War II submarine docked on a Cleveland shore. Climb aboard and learn what it was like to be a part of that time in our country’s history. Kids will love walking the deck of this preserved ship.  Be warned – you have to do some climbing to get in and out of the sub. The only entrances and exits are the original hatches, and you use these and ladders to navigate the exhibit.

Memphis Kiddie Park

There are few things sadder than watching a carnival pack up and leave, but this one never does! Rides, games, concession stands and more await visitors at this Cleveland attraction. Once you’re done with the rides, spend some quarters at the arcade or challenge each other to a game of mini golf.  Most of the rides are geared toward younger children, but the other attractions on the property ensure there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

The Children’s Museum of Cleveland

You don’t just sit back and watch at this museum. The Children’s Museum encourages parents to dive in and play right along with their children, helping them learn and creating memories together. Shop at kid-sized grocery store, play house, visit a pretend hospital, visit a farm, drive big trucks and make a splash at mini water park while you’re here. There are enough activities here to fill a day and make sure your kids are ready for nap time to arrive.

Cleveland Botanical Garden

Bring the whole family and take a stroll through the Cleveland Botanical Gardens.  The area includes 10 themed gardens, as well as some indoor space. Be sure to stop by the Hershey Children’s Garden while you’re there – this kid-sized garden is just right for little ones. Play in fountains, dig for worms and walk through an herb garden to let your children see what gardening is all about.